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The Bright Light Café Presents ...

Paul Curtis

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Denise Marshall

Paul Curtis is approaching the noble age of fifty-two which he considers to be "optimistically middle aged, in so much that I know that well over half my life has gone but I'm still optimistic".  He has lived most of his life in Surrey, living and working in Woking for the past thirty years.

Paul has been writing for about twenty five years, "originally for my own amusement until i discovered the enjoyment of inflicting it onto others".  He is a regular contributor to Tracy Patrick's Earth Love magazine, which is a collection of poetry and prose focused on the theme of nature and conservation, published in Scotland, and Lisa Stewart's Decanto magazine of poetry, published on the south coast of England.

In April 2006, Paul became a part of Peculiar Poetry, a web site created by Patrick Winstanly, focusing predominately on humorous poetry.

In December 2007, at the BBC WM Christmas carol concert, St Philips Cathedral, Birmingham, a Paul Curtis poem was publicly performed.  This was followed in May 2008, with Paul giving live readings of sporting poems on the Gordon Dalias radio show "Kick About" on Talk 107, based in Edinburgh.

Paul's work is a true delight to read and hear.  "I continue to try and reach as wide an audience as possible and contribute to a number o Ezines and Internet poetry sites."

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