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The Good Stuff
Chop Suey Sweetness
by Norma Jean Kawak
Length: 171 words

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Chop Suey Sweetness

It was a Saturday afternoon in the 1960’s and the Merchant of Venice was playing in the Brisbane City Town Hall to a packed audience of high school students and their teachers. The actors were all from the Petrie Terrace amateur theatrical group. I had brought my nine year old sister along to watch the play whilst I was working in the wings controlling the stage lights. 

When the interval came she joined me and some of the actors behind the stage curtain. Chinese take-away had been delivered for all the actors and crew. Seeing my sister had not been catered for, one of the lead actors insisted on sharing his food with her. The actor explained that he never wanted to disappoint his audience. The two sat together on the ‘Well’ and enjoyed a few jokes whilst eating chop–suey. The actor may have lost part of his lunch that afternoon but he gained two lifelong fans.

Gerard Kennedy went on to become one of Australian’s most critically acclaimed actors. 

Gerard Kennedy

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Collette   Australia
"mmm Chop Suey Sweetness -Yum!
sharing and accepting -taking the offer of an imagined moment that is full of possibilities
Yep -thats show business."

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