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The Good Stuff
Gary Larson's Angels
B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  151 words 

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Voice: R. J. Kirkham

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Gary Larson's Angels

Gary Larson is the creator of the hilarious cartoon series “The Far Side”, but he was not always celebrated and successful.  He once worked in a job he despised, only dreaming of “what could be”.  Eventually Gary’s desire for a more fulfilling life overcame his concerns for security.

Gary Larson describes the decision making process with his usual humour, 

“One day, a long, long time ago at a retail music store where I had been working for almost a year, I had an unexpected revelation.  

As I stood next to the cash register, the sky seemed to suddenly open up over my head and a throng of beautiful angels came flying down and swirled around me.  

In glorious, lilting tones, their voices rang out, 'You haaaaaate your job, you haaaaate your job' … 

"And then they left."  

But I knew it was true - angels don't lie.  I hated my job.”

Thayer, Abbott Handerson
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