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The Good Stuff
Harpo & One More
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 175 words

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Letters to Michael - a visionary novel

Letters to Michael
death is the greatest adventure
(A visionary novel)

Mother and son are
both hit by lightning,
and die. Kate must
return to life and her
 grieving family, but
 she refuses to leave
 without her child.
What can heaven do?

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Harpo & One More

Harpo and Susan Marx were dining with their good friends, Gracie Allen and George Burns.  Suddenly there was a phone call from a Mrs Walwrath, who had assisted in the adoption of both Gracie and George's children.  Mrs Walwrath had a completely unexpected surprise waiting for the arms and love of her new parents - a beautiful four week old girl.

Gracie and George had not asked for another child, nor were they ready to accept the added responsibility.  But Harpo and Susan Marx were dining with them, and they did want another child.  They were thrilled!  The little girl was adopted by the Marx's.  She was the perfect compliment and completion to their family of of four adopted children - 2 boys and 2 girls - Billy, Alex, Jimmy and Minnie - all wanted, all loved.

Harpo once said, "We want to have one kid for every window we have in the house so that, when we leave, we can look back and see one of our kids in every window waving to us."

 The Marx Brothers
The Marx Brothers
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 Hoolie Pose
Hoolie Pose
Malin, Sarah
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