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The Good Stuff
Save Tinkerbell
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  282 words 

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Letters to Michael - a visionary novel

Letters to Michael
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Mother and son are
both hit by lightning,
and die. Kate must
return to life and her
 grieving family, but
 she refuses to leave
 without her child.
What can heaven do?

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Save Tinkerbell

Finding Neverland is a fine film starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman and Julie Christie.  It is based upon true-life events in the life of J. M. Barrie and his creation of “Peter Pan”.  However, dramatic license was taken in several areas. 

There were actually five Llewelyn-Davies boys, not four.  The makers of the film decided that a baby in arms was too much of a distraction from the storyline, and too much of a liability for day-to-day shooting. 

They also decided that it would make for better tension and drama to have James Barry invite 25 orphans to be part of the opening night audience, hoping their youthful enthusiasm and acceptance would promote similar feelings in the adult audience.

In reality, the opening night audience did not contain 25 invited orphans.  It is unlikely there were any children in the audience.  Adults occupied the seats and judgemental theatre critics provided their own brand of negativity to the atmosphere.  J.M. Barrie was terrified that this mass of maturity would not let themselves by absorbed by his fantasy.  He had to ensure that when Peter Pan requests help to save the fairy Tinkerbell, help was given.  He instructed the theatre orchestra to be prepared to clap as hard as they possibly could to cover any lack of enthusiasm from the audience.

He need not have worried.  The adults fell in love with the show and its magic, and when Peter Pan said he needed the audience to clap to save Tinkerbell’s life, the audience went wild, clapping as hard as any child.  J. M. Barrie managed to do what Peter Pan could do – he helped people fly … and stay young forever.

 Finding Neverland
Finding Neverland
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