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The Good Stuff
Bill & Betty Atom
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  328 words 
Graphics by
by B. A. Llewellyn

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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Bill and Betty Atom


Bill and Betty were an atom family
until they were split
into their
positive and negative selves 
(otherwise known as Bill and Betty).

Bill & Betty prior to the experiement


Betty has escaped

Betty didn't want to stay married to a split particle,
so she ran away,
past our concepts of time,
 into the Future
(or Florida).


commonly mistaken for 
"The Fickle Finger of Fate",
continued to experiment on Bill
- changing his form and parameters.

Poor Bill


It happens to Bill

Betty had no contact with Bill what-so-ever,
yet she knew what has/is/will occur to Bill,
and she completely changed her form
and parameters to the correct opposite stance
of her former
(and obviously somehow still connected)

It happens to Betty


When Betty and Bill
were reunited,

Together Again!

they had both
changed to match
each other with mirror

In the above experiment, atoms responded to the focused thoughts of the experimenter, and responded in the most compatible way they could - even converting themselves to the experimenters desires when they were no longer within our limited physical arena.

A major lesson taught by this series of experiments is that all experiments are influenced by the experimenter at the most profound and fundamental level.

The vast importance of this discovery, for the average human being, is that we are all, individually and collectively, incredibly powerful.  That power makes it relatively easy for all of us, all humans, to become as great and as wonderful, or as deprived and miserable, as we consistently imagine ourselves to be.

Acceptance and understanding of this basic truth gives us a tremendous advantage.  Now that we know we choose own destinies, or experimental outcomes, we also know how to create our desired outcome or destiny.

To succeed, at whatever we wish to succeed at, is a matter of mapping out the path we will take to our destination, while developing, communicating with, and being guided by our own increased brain power (or Higher Consciousness).  We are all experimenting with our own destinies.   We are all in control of the final outcome.

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Daniel Hettley  Australia
"Bill and Betty Atom" "What an entertaining way to describe such an important concept.  I loved the "fickle finger of fate".  Well done!"

Christina    Denmark
"I love  the drawings, especially the fickle finger - I feel like that sometimes."

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