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The Good Stuff
Having Fun Together
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  279 words

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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Dance & Dip

By B. A. Llewellyn

Be enchanted by the power of True Love
 transporting you to romance and joy.
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Deep Relaxation
Relaxing together
 promotes ease and
 happiness in each
 other's company.

My Place of Tranquillity
Meditating together
 can lead to mutual
 spiritual growth and
 similar life paths.

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Having Fun Together

Part of loving someone, and being in love with someone,
requires us to thoroughly enjoy each other and our selves.

Here are 9 Fun things to do as a Couple:

  1. Sit in comfy chairs together enjoying the sun.  Count all the different sounds you can hear.

  2. Lie in a hammock-for-two and watch the stars.  Find the star that is shining for the two of you alone.  Name the star - making it a symbol of your love and friendship.

  3. Go shopping together, separately.  Decide on the amount of money you can afford to splurge and divide it between the two of you.  Go your separate ways for 2 hours and buy your very own special something.  Meet back together after 2 hours and show off your purchase/s.

  4. Shop together for $10 to $20 worth of flowering plants/punnets each.  Design a pattern together or separately, decide on a place, and plant.  Watch your garden grow.

  5. Have spas together.  Inform each other of the best bubbles and best ways to relax. (Eg: "If you hook your foot around at this angle, the pressure jet hits all down the inside of your heel."

  6. Go for a drive to a beautiful spot and have afternoon tea.  Take total advantage of your own local area.  Find the best tourist spots, or private spots and make regular use of them.

  7. Buy each other flowers regularly.  Women and men both appreciate receiving bouquets.

  8. Meditate together.  Regulating your breathing and brain patterns to a similar synchronisation can have a unifying and bonding affect.

  9. Learn dancing together.  Rhythmically moving your bodies together is an incredibly sexy and romantic way to exercise.

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Live Laugh Love
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