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The Good Stuff
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  599 words

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 Cat's Pet
Cat's Pet
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Our bodies and minds require regular maintenance to give us their best performance.  Physical exercise is part of that maintenance.  Relaxation is another essential.

A top priority for a happy and healthy life is consistent release of tension and stress, which means all of us need to ensure we give ourselves points of relaxation throughout our daily life.  Regardless of excuses, there are many wonderful ways for us to find relaxation and contentment.

Mum Nature

A renowned form of relaxation is simply spending time with Nature.  There is intense pleasure to be found in a simple walk around an area of great natural beauty.  There is good emotional health and centering to experience with a bit of hard work or exploring in the gardening.  There is good food and cut flowers, and a great sense of achievement in growing our own fruit and vegetables, and bouquets.


Sharing time with animals can be incredibly calming.  Research has shown patting a dog or cat can significantly reduce blood pressure and hypertension.  The almost overwhelming love of an animal can also show us a lighter and brighter side of life.

Positive Affirmations

We are all affirming something every day of our lives.  Unfortunately most of us are affirming negative thoughts about our selves and our life.

Positive Affirmations are the mature approach to personal mind control.  To create a positive future and present for ourselves we must first envision and affirm the positive future and present we want.

Negative affirmations create consistent tensions in our bodies.  Positive affirmations can release tensions.

To ensure we keep on the path of good mental and emotional health, we need to give ourselves a few short and potent affirmations to say repeatedly to ourselves whenever we remember to do so, or whenever we find ourselves dwelling on negative thoughts.

Always remember to create positive affirmations.  If you use a negative in your affirmation, your brain will not register the negative word, and will therefore give you exactly what you don't want.  For example, if an affirmation said "I will not panic", your brain would actually register "I Will panic" being repeated over and over again.  Therefore always ensure that an affirmation says want you want, not what you don't want.  For example, "I am calm and peaceful".

Another important piece of information about affirmations is that they need to include a positive emotion.  This creates a much more powerful neuronal network connection in our brains - emotion always adds power to our thoughts and words.  An example of adding positive emotion is "I rejoice in feeling calm and peaceful".


Laughter can relax, and laughter can heal.  People have cured themselves of cancer and other life-threatening diseases merely through the power of laughter.

Purposefully seek out joyous experiences - they are remarkably good for you, and ultimately very relaxing.


Singing can open our hearts.  Whether we sing alone in our bedrooms or with a choir of likable people, the joy of opening up our lungs and releasing beautiful sounds has a very positive, and relaxing effect upon us.


Dancing on our own, to our favourite dance music, can be a tremendous emotional release.  It feels amazingly cleansing and freeing.

Put all your energy into your dance, and then sit down and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and joy.


When our bodies are experiencing tension and discomfort, we may need the hands-on-help of a good masseuse.

There is an amazing array of different massage techniques.  Try as many as you like until you find the one, or several, that bring the most relief.


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