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The Good Stuff
True Nature
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  1,520 words

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True Nature

I was born understanding the flow of Nature.  I feel it as a fountain of awareness.  Refreshing me.  Caressing me.

I also know how it feels when I limit or stop that flow.  Itís very unpleasant.  I am no longer aware of anything but an emotion, or a memory, or an attitude.  I am stuck in that emotion, or memory, or attitude.  I refuse to let it go.  I no longer feel joy or peace.  I feel bad.  I hurt.  I am lonely.

My life is a litmus test.  Obsess over, block or deny my natural reactions, emotions or skills, and life colours me negative.  Disasters are common.  But pour Nature through me and I colour positive.  I just seem to know the right thing to do.  I move joyously through the movement of the moments.  Miracles are common.

As a young girl, I would swim beyond the waves, beyond safety, trusting the need and call of my nature.  Of all nature.  I was supremely safe.  I was buoyant with faith.  I was alive with acceptance and connection.

I was truly alive as I bounded from rock to rock along the coves of my sea-suckled home.  Creating a rhythm, a run.  Knowing there would always be the right place for my feet to land ... always finding it.

As a young woman, I spent six months in England and Europe, self-sufficient and mobile and alone.  I allowed myself to be guided by my natural inclinations, and my natural good sense.  I read the flow and ebb of people and situations.  I grew.  I learnt.  I became closer to Nature.

Nature taught me the impact different cultures have upon the vibration of their country.  Often all it took to register a completely different melody ringing through the bones of a nation was crossing an imaginary line at their border.  Germany was big and strong and angry.  France was sensual and cynical and friendly.  Italy was old and neglected and vital.  Denmark is a fairytale.

I was born into the strength, heartache, wisdom and enormous space of Australia.  My homeland feels like an ancient, wise woman, with a wicked sense of humour.  I am deeply ingrained with her spirit.  I am part of her strength.  Part of her heartache.

I understand the feel and flow of my country, but mistakenly thought it was the way all Nature felt.  I was wrong.  Nature feels different around the globe.  We are all part of the same energy but we are all expressing it in our own unique manner.  A country amplifies this energy as it settles into the belief system of its inhabitants.

Australians believe in surf and snow, rainforests and desert.  Our backyards have deep blue skies with golden sunshine.  We love our land and we want to see all of it.  We are a nation of gypsies.  A nation bonded by a deep love of Nature.

It seems to me all nations are bonded, or disbanded, by the amount of respect and love they pay to Nature.  All nature.  Including the nature of the people.  Populations are always affected by Nature.  Nature is always affected by populations.  It is inevitable.

Australia is a good example.  It is a continent, but there are no emotional barriers separating one section from another.  Australians share a big energy bath filled with the same vibration.  Inevitable.  The population is similar all over our country.  We understand each other.  The rhythm of our lives match.

Europe is different.  Its land mass is a jigsaw puzzle of energies.  Each country fits into its surrounding neighbours, and yet stays totally unique to itself.  The melody of life changes tune at each border.  It doesnít matter whether the land mass is big or small, every country sings its own solo.

Even similar looking countries have dissimilar feels.  Austria and Switzerland share mountains and snow and climate, but not an essential sameness.  They are different individuals.  Each of them is unique.  Austria rings of families and gatherings and fun.  Switzerland sings of solitude and cleanliness.

Every land and every ocean is part of the orchestra of our world.  Every part of life plays a note with its nature.  Life is Nature.  Nature is Life.  As part of life, we are incorporated into Natureís music.  Life is our conductor, and Life appreciates it when we watch the baton and accept the need to harmonise.

Our respect and acceptance creates a flow of miracles.  I talk with my plants and my plants grow strong and true.  I talk to my pets and my pets become my close friends giving me endless compassion and deep intelligence.  I talk to the birds on our property and they talk back to me sharing their concerns and their company.  Our magpies sing to us.

I help a homeless person and I gain a valuable lesson in independence and mutual respect.  I take a chance and I am rewarded with miracles.  I give birth and discover more and more love inside myself.  I do my best and I achieve wonderful results.

Nature wants us to be happy.  Nature wants all the world to thrill with the goodness of itself.  We are her children and she loves us with all the passion of a protective mother.  But her love does not make her stupid.

Nature knows each and all of us beyond our deepest intimacies.  She knows when we do wrong.  She can see us cruising with bad ideals.  But what can she do?  She is merely a mother and we are rebellious teenagers, strutting around despising everything our mother has to say to us.  Weíre too busy knowing everything to learn anything.

One day we will grow up and stop treating our mother with such disrespect and ingratitude.  Mum Nature longs for that day.  Every parent of every teenager has longed for the less petulant, more mature version of their child.  We are merely mirroring the way Nature feels about us.

Nature is everything.  Nature is our reality.  We function within her framework.  Any perception of humans as separate from Nature is an absurdity.  Nature is all life.  We are alive.  We are part of Nature.

We fight the obvious, in the manner of children.  We rebel against the wonderful, merely because we can.  Mother Nature, the very best parent there is, patiently accepts our insanities.  She may be a little annoyed sometimes and downright angry at others, but she loves us.  And we can do no wrong.  Even if we destroy her, Nature will still love us.

Natureís nurturing is an ocean of energy.  It has tides and currents, and flows endlessly through all life.  Including our lives.  When we fight the current we become frightened.  We insist we are being drowned.  We fight and we struggle.  We stop swimming completely in our determination to stay in one spot ... to prove to the ocean how much more powerful a flotilla of swimmers is than the seas and tides.  We insist the ocean is at fault. 

We forget that this ocean of energy is our natural environment and we can breathe freely in its depths.  We just need to go with the flow.

It is easy to witness the individuals who have surrendered to this flow ... who have weathered their own rebellions and grown into their gentle, passionate, curious and humble selves.  Each of them reflects the finer qualities of their nature because they have accepted they are part of Nature.  They have accepted their duty.  It is our duty to follow where Nature leads us.  It is our duty to be more alive every moment.

Our globe is the life within it.  Countries, and oceans, are the life within them.  When each life is respected and loved, nature thrives and rewards with joy and peace.  When life is treated with malice and disrespect, the bountiful flow of lifeís nature is stuck, or completely blocked.

The world has the same reaction to the same litmus test as me.  It must be immersed in Nature to produce a positive reaction.  Miracles are then constant.

But do we want miracles?  Do we want to be truly alive?

Our need for Nature depends upon our need for life.  Do we want to live?  Do we want to feel the link we share with all life, regardless of its form?  Do we want to be powerful and deeply empathetic?  Do we want to unleash our curiosity?  Do we want to live in harmony with a force infinitely more powerful and glorious than our individual selves? 

Or not?

We are all part of the decision making process.  It is our responsibility, and our empowerment.  We have the right to be the very best we can be.  We are our Motherís children and we are powerful.  Once we have recognised ourselves and matured into empathy and understanding, we are helping the world.  We become vessels of love and compassion.  We sing a pure song of energy and add to the harmony and strength of all life.  Including our own. 

Mum will be so proud.  She always knew that was our true nature.

 Morning Tide
Morning Tide
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