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Brilliant!  february/march 2007

Welcome to "Brilliant!"  We hope you and your loved ones are well and happy and that 2007 is already proving to be a positive and successful year for all of you.  You may be wondering what happened to the February issue of "Brilliant!" - well our last couple of editions have been delivered rather late in the month and we decided to bring the newsletter back to a more early-in-the-month delivery cycle. So this is really a combined February/March edition. 

February was, of course, the month of romance and we hope everyone had a romantic and loving Valentine's Day.  Barbara and I went to see a delightful, new romantic comedy at one of our local Gold Class cinemas - what a very special way to watch a movie!  We sat in huge, comfy recliner armchairs and were served a wonderful lunch, delivered in various courses throughout the screening.  While we were sitting there, enjoying our food, champagne and the movie, I looked across at my beautiful lady Barbara and recognised how extremely fortunate I was to be sharing such a happy and abundant experience with the love of my life.  Although there is a strong commercial aspect to Valentine's Day, it's still a great opportunity to stop and acknowledge the joy of being together and to celebrate romance and love. 

This month, Barbara and I will achieve another wonderful milestone in our journey together, when we celebrate our 30th anniversary of becoming a couple.  We have several very important dates in our life history - our wedding anniversary; the birth of our son; and this special one in March.

So, with all this love in the air, we thought it was a good time to select and share with you four of the many wonderful "true love" short stories already showcased and performed at the Bright Light Café.  If you're a new visitor to the Café's hundreds of free entertainment web pages, you may not have discovered these gems yet, and if you're a long term Bright Light visitor, it may have been a while since you read or listened to them.  Either way, we hope these stories will make you smile, chuckle, and maybe shed a tear as you experience their positive and uplifting expressions of love.  Here they are:

Too Sweet the Wine by Tony Williams

The Elevator Angel by B. A. Llewellyn

Mesmerize by Rebekah Lyell

Till Death Do Us Part by Caroline Stevenson 

We have a wonderful range of new showcase items at The Bright Light Café this month.

  • A fascinating article.

  • A wonderful new painting.

  • Five humorous and delightful new poems.

  • Two new streaming audio performances of some recently showcased items.

As always, it gives me pleasure to hand the newsletter over to my wonderful valentine, Barbara Llewellyn, who will tell you more about these great new items and their talented creators.


Please join us in welcoming Tania Cilia, from Malta, into the Bright Light Creative Family.  Along with her writing talent, Tania is bringing us all a new perspective on an old theme, with a fascinating article illuminating the mythologies behind the Chinese view of Valentine's.  Tania is an Allied Newspapers columnist and freelance features writer, as well as the happily married mother of three children. 

Chinese Valentine   (1,018 words)  

ONCE upon a time, as all good stories go, on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar (July 30th in North America and July 31st in China in the year 2006), the seven daughters of the Goddess of Heaven were visiting Earth and caught the eye of a Cowherd called Niu Lang.
Read more ...

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Ravi Bedi, from India, gives a marvellously spiritual touch to his Bright Light Café paintings and further proves this point with his latest showcased work of art.  Merge into his cacophony of colour aimed towards a full and mysterious moon, while also tuning into some uplifting poetry, stories, meditation and music.  Ravi is now only one item away from becoming our next Featured Talent.

Kites 1 

A deep merging of rich hues, flying into the night, bringing flight and freedom.  The sky may be dark but the moon is shining on a carnival of colour, lightening our hearts, captivating our minds.  
See now ...


Margaret Dakin, from Australia, now has six items at The Bright Light Café, a delightful mixture of whimsy and sincerity, of poems and stories.  Her latest showcased items are very different from one another yet merge into the same theme - true love.  Margaret manages to show how Love is always the greatest miracle whether it's found in our feelings of romance or in the dying words of an aged family member.

For Michael 

If you will be my fortress;
I will be the moat;
There to keep you safely,
From the tyrant’s yoke.

Read more ...

The Room 

The sunlight strikes the ruby glass and jug,
It stains the lacy folds with crimson light,
And settles there upon the woven rug.
The room is shaded, musty, cool as night.

Read more ...

Speaking of love, we'd like to introduce you to a writer who has managed to combine this bright emotion with the added sparkle of humour.  Please, join us in giving a warm welcome to Geoff Weilert, from the United States, as he enters into the very talented Bright Light Creative Family.

Be My Valentine

I’d give you my heart,
But I’d like to impart,
Having difficulty? I guess I’d say sorta.
Finding the card was a snap,
I got really cute wrap,
But I made a mess when I cut the aorta.

Read more ...

Sometimes the love of new babies can send us into a right royal spin - wondering if sleep is a long-lost luxury and if there will ever be enough time left in our lives to not be in a constant hurry.  Now imagine what would happen if you had twins!  Norma Jean Kawak, from Australia, contemplates this possibility with a strong dose of humour to pepper the thought.

I'm Not a Mad Mother  

Husband at work, three children at school,
Baby splashing in bath, on the floor there’s a pool
Four year old is playing, please don’t make a mess.
I’m going out; still have to put on a dress. 

Read more ...

The love of nature brings daily joy and beauty into all of our lives as Agatha Lai, from Malaysia, reminds us in her latest poem.  With a perfectly matching photo, Agatha's poem takes us on a walk into simple, everyday, entrancing magic.

The Bridge 

Seeing the bridge
we became curious
and walked across the strand
when the tides ebbed.

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Music may be the food of love, but laughter is definitely an appetiser.  Give yourself a treat and have a giggle with a short story from the pen of Carl Palmer, from the United States, and  a poem written by Dorothy Bransgrove, 85-years young of Australia, who is vibrant, living proof of the positive impact creativity has on the brain and the emotions at all ages. 

Poached Egg  by Carl Palmer (195 words)

Part of Larry’s 200 hours of community service was to help relocate the Henry County Museum. On his third trip he helped himself by relocating a fossilized egg from the dinosaur exhibit. He planned to sell the artifact at his brother Matt’s yard sale that weekend at the Kitty Ranch on Old Mill Road.
Read More ...

My New Friend  by Dorothy Bransgrove

I have a new companion
who walks along with me,
we stride along step by step
in perfect harmony.

Read More ...

Surrounding Ravi Bedi's latest painting, Kites 1, are featured performances, enhancing the beauty and message of the art.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy them.  They are:

I Wish That I Could Catch Your Laugh  Poem by Narissa Doumani

Children of the Sun  Story by Dan Akinlolu  (497 words)

Moonbeam Love  Poem by Stephen Pray

Drifting Memories (Music) Written & performed by Taylor Dean 

Pretty Thing (Music)  Written & performed by Sky

Filling the World with Love (Meditation) by B.A.Llewellyn

We wish you a fabulous month and hope that you and yours are safe, happy, prosperous and thriving.  May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your sorrows as light as it's foam.

With our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 

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