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Brilliant!  january 2007

Happy New Year - and welcome to the January issue of "Brilliant!"  We hope you had an excellent holiday season and were able to take some time to rest, relax, and enjoy the company of good friends and loving family.  Everyone at Bright Light Multimedia and the Bright Light Café wishes you a successful, prosperous, safe and healthy 2007, and we hope the positive and uplifting CDs, books and audio downloads, as well as the free short stories, poems, anecdotes, articles, music and multimedia pages we present for your entertainment and enjoyment will continue to help you feel brighter, walk lighter, smile longer and laugh louder throughout the coming year.  

We hope everyone who took advantage of our free audio download gift last month has been enjoying the deep relaxation and restful timeout it offers.  We listen to our Breathing Deeply audio tracks every day, and regularly go to sleep at night with the sound of our Bright Light relaxation music gently playing in the background.  What Bright Light relaxation music I hear you ask?  Well, there are several new Bright Light Multimedia products due for release in the first quarter of 2007 and one of them is a very special relaxation music CD.  We'll tell you more about it when we're closer to a release date.

Australia Day is celebrated in late January and being true blue Aussies as well as global citizens we decided to closet ourselves in the recording studio and have a bit of fun with a song Barbara wrote that I think illustrates the joys of this great and glorious and lucky land.  The song is only at what we consider to be demonstration standard but the people who've heard it all think it sounds great and insisted it should be up on the web to help celebrate our beautiful country.  I think they're right and I reckon you'll be up on your feet dancing before you know it.  Here it is:

Australia is Calling

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Come hear and see and sing the choruses.
Hear now ...

We have a wonderful range of new showcase items for your enjoyment at The Bright Light Café.  This month you'll find:

  • a great new relationship-building article;

  • a fabulous new streaming audio performance;

  • three excellent, easy-to-read short stories;

  • two charming new poems;

  • two beautiful new multimedia pages.

And now, it gives me great pleasure to hand the newsletter over to the lovely and talented Creative Director of the Bright Light group, Barbara Llewellyn, who always introduces the latest additions to the Café's menu of entertainment with great eloquence, affection and enthusiasm.


Allie Ochs, from Canada, gives us all a most timely piece of advice in her latest article.  Life is full of change, as each new year reminds us, and Allie, in her role as a fellow relationship expert, thoughtfully and helpfully reviews what this constant change means to our relationships and how we can grow with the difference rather than stagnate.  Viva l'amour!

Stretch Your Soul This Year 

The holiday season is when people show the best of humanity and step up to the plate. At no other time are we so compelled to make donations, adopt a pet, tip the waiter and let others change lanes. We are ready to connect and share our love. The holidays are the season of relationships and a time when we take stock. For singles, having no “significant other” with whom to share the special days can be a paramount concern. This year again, many couples that have lived in emotional distance were trying to bridge the gap. However, their efforts to re-connect competed with the material and social distractions of the holidays. Before they knew it, they “toasted-in” the New Year and got back to their old ways.
Read more ...


Please join us in welcoming Carl Palmer to The Bright Light Café Featured Talent hall of fame.  Carl now has pages dedicated to him alone, presenting his biography, links to his work and photos.  In the near future there will also be an interview page, giving us those fascinating titbits we all love to read about.

Carl has shot into this prime and prestigious position within six short months of his first creative work being showcased at the Café, proving not only his talent but his dedication to his art.  Carl has a dry and delightful sense of humour flavouring many of his poems and short stories, with a deeper, gentler side also peeping through into much of his work.

Congratulations, Carl, everyone at Bright Light thinks you're wonderful!

And once again, our congratulations go to Rachelle Arlin Credo.  As you know, she entered into The Bright Light Café Featured Talent hall of fame last month and has a page featuring her talent.  We'll let you know when we have received Rachelle's information and photos.

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The Second Trigger

If you've ever felt someone's words or actions make you instantly angry, upset or frightened, you have experienced your emotional triggers being switched on.

Do you want other people to keep
"pushing your buttons"?
Or do you want to 
take back the power that is rightfully yours?

When you want to be in control of your own life, it's time for The Second Trigger and the Master Switch that will override all your negative responses.



Ravi Bedi, from India, is only two items away from becoming our next Featured Talent with his successful showcasing of two more beautiful works of art.  Ravi has a very inviting form of painting, each colourful moment drawing us into another world, another feeling.  We are proud and pleased to showcase such warm and welcoming work and, as usual we have surrounded these delightful paintings with easy to listen to stories, poems, music and meditations.  Enjoy! 

Rajasthani Town

Jumbled buildings squashed into a brightly coloured jigsaw of colours, reminiscent of gaily clad women rubbing shoulders at a vibrantly packed market.
See now ...

The Ruins of a Fort

The night is dark but the moon is full and the old ruins pulsate with coloured memories bringing back to life the vibrancy of long lost times, drawing us into the forgotten stories of bricks and clay and heroic last moments. 
See now ...


Ever wondered what a writer does when they are not writing?  Agatha Lai, from Malaysia, exposes her non-literary pastimes in this gently picturesque poem.

When I Am Not Writing

When I am not writing, 
I cook fish and tomatoes, 
add no salt or flavour 
to enjoy true fishy 
and vegetable taste... 
when I am not writing 
Read More ...

Margaret Dakin, from Australia, manages to mix a love of nature with the wonder of love's first kiss in this delightful walk along the sand and last night's memories.

Solitary Sonnet

I quit my bed and pace the lonely shore.
Just three-toed stalk of ibis marks the sand.
I call to mind those halcyon days before,
While slowly dawn re-claims the sleeping land.

Read more ...

Advertisement ...

"Letters to Michael"

Have you ever wondered 
what happens after you die?

Join Kate and Michael Morrison and find out now in this insightful, inspiring and gently humorous adventure story of life, death, and what happens "over there".  

Prepare to laugh and cry and feel good all over as you come face to face with
 the power of love and 
profound and timeless
spiritual truths.



Surrounding Ravi Bedi's latest paintings are featured performances, enhancing the beauty and message of the art.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy them.  They are:

A Rose from the Concrete  Poem by Stephen Pray

Anaesthesia  Story by Dan Akinlolu  (617 words)

Cancer  Poem by Stephen Pray

Drifting Memories (Music) Written & performed by Taylor Dean 

Pretty Thing and Glitched (Music)  Written & performed by Sky

Yesterday Was Wednesday  Story by Christine Tothill  (483 words) 

What Life Is Poem by Dr. Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy 

Worldly Success Poem by Nicole West 

Filling the World with Love (Meditation) by B.A.Llewellyn

Short Stories

Carl Palmer, from the USA, reveals the talent and humour that has brought him into the elevated position of Featured Talent at The Bright Light Cafe in these two entertaining short stories, and I do mean short.  Carl has managed to pack complete, fun-filled tales into very few words.  We feel sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Poached Egg   (195 words) 

Part of Larry’s 200 hours of community service was to help relocate the Henry County Museum. On his third trip he helped himself by relocating a fossilized egg from the dinosaur exhibit. He planned to sell the artifact at his brother Matt’s yard sale that weekend at the Kitty Ranch on Old Mill Road.
Read More ...

The Opportunist   (250 words)  

Jason Amalynn was the leader in his field of TV and movie special effects. His invention was a special Prism laser projector using image reflection and light refraction to create a 3D hologram. The mirage could be created and shown most anywhere on most anything, not just as trick photography on film, but projected upon buildings, clouds and even a waterfall once. I was in total awe of Jason as his understudy, however felt completely betrayed when he vowed to take his technique public. That’s why I killed him.
Read more ...

Christine Tothill hails from the UK and now lives in Spain, soaking up sun and inspiration.  She is in danger of becoming one of our favourite short story writers with her sparse yet profound tales, all dealing with ordinary folks in ordinary situations.  They read easily, touching the heart with depth and gentle passion even in their quietest of moments.  

Common Land  (737 words) 

Where the trees were - there are car wrecks. Arnold leaves the bike propped against the only bush on the common. He doesn’t put his lock on; he has nothing to secure it to. Only the bush, a prickly waving mass he doesn’t want to touch. Arnold, late sixties, is going over old haunts; his memory of this common land is fading and he wants to tick it off. He wants to set the scene; remember it. If he can.
He pulls an old felt hat over his face to take the glare of the sun away from his eyes and squints towards the far end. The end where he took Maisie when they started dating. He remembers their place - their hidey-hole - was opposite the church. He starts to walk towards the place he thinks it is.
Read More ...

The start of a New Year is a wonderful time, packed with positive resolutions and boundless possibilities.  We hope you are dreaming big dreams and that all of them come true. Everyone at Bright Light wishes you an endless amount of happy days and the fulfilment of this Irish blessing - "May there be: 

Lucky stars above you,
sunshine on your way,
many friends to love you,
joy in work and play
laughter to outweigh each care, in your heart a song
and gladness waiting everywhere all your whole life long."

With our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 

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