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Brilliant!  july 2006

Welcome to the July 2006 edition of "Brilliant!"  Wow, half the year gone already!  It seems that the days go by so quickly and this mid-point serves as a reminder to us here at Bright Light that we need to always strive to give our best and get the best from our lives.  We certainly hope that 2006 has been showering you and your loved ones with happiness, good health, success and prosperity.

Late last month, we travelled to Sydney as Barbara had been invited to appear on a National TV show called "Where Are They Now".  One of Barbara's many iconic roles in her successful career as a well known Australian actress and performer was at the ripe age of seven years old when she was cast as the "girl on the swing" in an advertisement for an Australian product called Aeroplane Jelly.  The commercial, featuring the pretty little girl on a flower-covered swing singing along to the famous Aeroplane Jelly theme song, has become one of the most well loved and recognised ads in Australian TV history.  

The producers of "Where Are They Now" asked Barbara to come on the show and talk about making the famous commercial, and some of her many other childhood professional experiences (like appearing in the renowned international movie, "The Sundowners", with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr; and playing the role of Brigitta Von Trapp in the original Australian stage production of "The Sound of Music", at the age of ten), and to find out where life had taken her and what she was doing today.  Barbara's segment was a great success, and people at the TV studio kept saying how she really hadn't changed at all since the commercial was made - over 40 years ago! 

Speaking of Barbara's iconic performances, the Australian cable channel, Ovation, is currently replaying the much loved series, "Seven Little Australians".  This ten part series was a watershed production in Australia in the early 1970s and paved the way for the many other high quality Australian-made TV dramas that followed.  Based on the book of the same name by Australian author Ethel Turner, the story is set in Sydney in the 1880s.  Barbara plays Meg, the lovely eldest sister and sometime surrogate mother to the six younger children of the Woolcott family.  Interestingly, Barbara was actually twenty when she played the sixteen-year-old Meg, but her ever youthful looks and highly experienced acting skills combined to create the memorable character of young, romantic Meg.  Barbara shares some wonderful memories, anecdotes and photos from her time during and after the filming of the TV series at the Bright Light Multimedia website.  "Seven Little Australians" is a wonderful show, stunningly directed, with some magnificent footage of the Australian countryside - I highly recommend it.

I also recommend the wonderful array of new stories, poems, articles and a special complimentary download for your pleasure this month at The Bright Light Café.  We now present:

  • two excellent short stories

  • six wonderful poems

  • two thought-provoking articles

  • one fabulous, free download

To introduce them and tell you a little about the items and their wonderful creators, I'm going to turn the newsletter over to my wonderful partner, wife, and significantly better half, Barbara Llewellyn.


Has your heart ever been broken by the love of your life (or at least the love of the that present moment) unceremoniously dumping you and leaving your self-esteem shattered?  Or are you in that unenviable position right now?  If so you have our deepest sympathy and this very fine and uplifting article by Canadian relationship expert, Allie Ochs, which contains just the right sort of advice for this traumatic experience and manages to bring a smile to the face while helping to rebuild confidence.  Pass the tissues and enjoy!

The Joy of Being Dumped

Kleenex boxes, sleepless nights and endless conversations with your girlfriends! You are convinced that the world is coming to an end. He dumped you! He said he loves you and two days later, checked out. You consulted relationship experts, books and advice columns. They all told you the same thing: It takes time to get over it!
Read more ...

We welcome newcomer, Norma Jean Kawak, from Queensland Australia, to the Bright Light creative family with a dark but truly inspiring article about the trials and tragedy of the victims of asbestos.  This painfully truthful and revealing work not only shows the horror of "The Deadly Powder" but also manages to lift itself, and us all with it, out of the depression of such a subject with a wonderfully intimate look at the love and strength of a family in crisis.

The Deadly Powder

My Stepfather, James, died at home in June 2003. He was sixty nine. He had been officially diagnosed with Asbestosis some ten years earlier. Actually, he had probably suffered from it much longer but had been told he had a heart complaint. When he collapsed at work for the second time in 1987 he was told to go home and not to come back. Part of his job at the time was insulating pipes with asbestos.
Read more ...


Next time you're seeking to quote something romantic to your true love, you'd be wise to read the poems of two of our Featured Poets from The Bright Light Café, Shanu Goyal from India and Stephen Pray from the United States.  Both talents are such wonderful romantics.  Steve proves the point by taking us on a simple but potent holiday for two, while Shanu shares the way a lover's argument is easily dismissed when there is shared affection.

Inn at the End  by Stephen Pray 

Dancing as far as the sea,
the pier above us, the sand 
under our feet softly gritty.

Read more ...

Magnetism of Love  by Shanu Goyal   

Exchange of hot words
heart cut with swords
glib lies
false pride ...
Read more ...

Love for our children makes us all greater and more caring people and saying "goodnight" to our little ones is enough to melt anybody's heart.  Asther Bascuña-Creo, originally from the Philippines and now living in the beautiful land of Australia, manages to capture this feeling with gentle softness.

Childhood Dreams

Evening has come,
little girl.
Night's satin fabric falls
to blanket window panes
As crickets start
their evening serenade

Read More ...

Dorothy Bransgrove from Victoria, Australia is 84 years young and writes her poetry with shades of beauty and awareness or just straight out self-aware humour.  We're very proud and pleased to share the words of someone with such a feisty wisdom.

My New Friend

I have a new companion
who walks along with me,
we stride along step by step
in perfect harmony.

Read More ...

Vineyards in White

Bleached straw paddocks
mingle with vineyards,
lush and green,
fruit ripening.

Read More ...

Talking about humour - prepare to laugh out loud as we welcome Carl Palmer, from the United States, into the Bright Light family of talent with a most delightfully irreverent poem.  What's in a name? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", but what does s--(add "ex") become when it's the name of a dog.  The answer is - very funny!  We hope you delight in this ever so slightly naughty but definite hoot of a poem as much as we do.

A Dog Named S--

My pooch is not named Rover, Fluffy, Spot or Rex.
I wanted something different, so I named my puppy, S--.
To renew my doggie’s license. I went down to City Hall.
“I’d like a license for S--”, I said. He said, “Wouldn’t we all?”

Read more ...

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In today’s world we need every edge we can secure for ourselves. This “age of information” demands a consistent consumption of data, requiring us to read more and more to ensure we achieve our potential.

But what happens if you, or a loved one, doesn’t enjoy reading and avoids this task as much as possible?

"The person who does not read good books
has no advantage over the person who can't read them."

Learning to love reading can change your life for the better. Purposefully, happily, regularly seeking
information will grow your knowledge, your confidence and your self-esteem.  Reading for pleasure will grow your ability to communicate and effectively present yourself to the world.

Learn to Love Reading

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Short Stories

Rebekah Lyell, from New Zealand, wanders through the insecurities of youth and a negative self image before leading us into the smiling world of first love and the power of positive words and feelings.

Gorgeous  (530 words) 

Ugly, she thought. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Standing in the mirror she did not like what she saw. Long crooked toes. Fat white thighs that wobbled when she breathed. A stomach that looked as though the only thing she ate was beer. Tiny little mole hills, no way they could sustain life she mused. Turkey skin arms. Big brown freckles splotched wherever they felt the need to congregate. Pasty white skin. Uneven lips.
Read More ...

Featured Talent, Daniel Gbemi Akinlolu, originally from Nigeria and now living in South Africa, manages to take us into the village life and bizarre sense of humour of his home continent with his Aesop-like fable of sloth and false dreams.  By the way, have you visited Daniel's pages recently and seen his latest photos?  We think you'll agree he's a fine looking man and it's always fascinating to see the face behind the words.

Mordecai's Donkey (981 words)  

Imagine you are me, and you had a friend, whose friend of his was called Mordecai. He was a poor man but had a donkey that was given to him as a special gift by his late father who had told him that the donkey would make him rich and change his status forever. It was a beautiful donkey and it stayed in his bedroom because Mordecai always admired the donkey and he told everyone to come and visit him to check out the donkey that would make him rich forever. 
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July Giveaway - a Free download for our "Brilliant" friends!

Later this month, Bright Light Multimedia will be releasing the latest audio product in our ever growing personal development range, and as a special gift to all our "Brilliant!" subscribers, we're making available a complimentary pre-release download of one of the tracks.  The new product is called The Second Trigger.

All of us carry many emotional triggers, courtesy of our childhood, and every one of them allows people and events to "push our buttons" so that we sometimes respond in ways that we really wish we didn't.  Our minds are overcrowded with emotional triggers, switching on without our permission and, very often, without our awareness of their presence. If you've ever felt someone's words or actions make you instantly angry, frightened or upset, you have just had someone trip one of your emotional triggers.  With the help of The Second Trigger you can take back control of your life and your reactions so you are always aware that you "have a choice" to decide how you will react.

Don't let your present be dominated by your past.

The Second Trigger revitalises your world by establishing a conscious awareness in your subconscious responses that will stop your past from turning you into someone you don’t want to be.  You create a master switch in your own mind that will override every hidden trigger and inform you whenever your emotional triggers are trying to take control.  Through The Second Trigger’s simple, yet powerful positive visualisations, you will learn to make your own decisions based on the facts, including knowledge of how your negative inhibitors are trying to turn you away from your most beneficial responses.

To claim your free download, simply click HERE to launch your email program, add your name to the subject line, and send the mail.  You will receive a reply email containing a link to the audio file's special download page.  The easy to follow instructions on the page will walk you through the simple process to download and save the file to your hard disk.

This pre-release track will normally be packaged in a 2 track download retailing for  $8.95USD, but during July it's our pleasure to give it to you at no charge whatsoever.  Bright Light Multimedia's mission is to always provide entertaining and enlightening products that help create a life full of positivity, success and enjoyment.  The Second Trigger is another powerful tool to help achieve that goal, and we hope everyone takes the opportunity to download this frëë gift.

We wish you and your family good health and happiness.  "May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.  May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door."

With our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 


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