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Brilliant!  june 2006

Greetings, our brilliant friend.  Hopefully good things are happening to you everyday and your world is flushed with friendship.  Last month was a reminder to us personally of how great our wealth is when we are loved.  Our little cat, who has been our faithful friend and companion for over seventeen years, died leaving us nothing but memories but, oh my goodness, we certainly are rich in memories.  We have celebrated her life and her passing with a golden oldie story for all animal lovers who know the sense of grief that accompanies saying our final goodbyes.

On a happier note, we have wonderful new stories and articles and poems and performances to brighten your day and maybe even give you a chuckle.  

In this newsletter we announce:

  • and link to seven new performances

  • and link to one new multimedia page

  • and link to one new article, five new poems and three new short stories


The talented Rebekah Lyell, from New Zealand, who has already impressed us all with her beautifully descriptive short stories, has shown extraordinary courage in a revealing and hopefully helpful article about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  If you have ever suffered from the 'flu, you can't help but empathise with this brave young woman who has had similar symptoms, for over half a decade, to those that knock the stuffing out of us for an occasional few unfortunate days.  I'm sure you join with us in wishing Rebekah good health and happiness and I'm sure you'll be fascinated by her up-close and personal article.

The Benefits of Positivity 
I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a lovely disease (not) that affects every aspect of your life. It causes, obviously, extreme fatigue, (I was sleeping 32 hours at a time then being awake 15 minutes only to fall back asleep), skin infections, stomach ulcers, loss of appetite, irritable bowel, muscle pain, joint pain, muscle wasting, loss of hair, lack of concentration, dizziness, migraines, just to name a few.

Read more ...

Multimedia/Uplifting Art

Caroline Stevenson from Queensland, Australia, is not only a riveting writer, she is also an very fine photographer and one very lucky woman.  See what I mean by checking out this glorious visage, called "Cleansing", photographed after a storm from her own backyard.  Add music and listen to the story by Caroline and you have the makings of a beautiful experience.  Enjoy!
See now ...


Love, nature and personal enlightenment are the themes featured in our latest poems.  Rachelle Arlin Credo from the Philippines, already an honoured member of the Bright Light Creative Family, brings all three ingredients to us in two more poems which reveal the power of dreams to uncover our destiny before sharing the infinite joy to be found in every sunrise.

There's a sudden strange silence
Amid the busy whirl around me
Disclosing the scars of my innocence
From a dreadful yesterday

Read More ...

Morning Glory
The sun breaks through the eastern sky 
Peeping through the soft fleecy clouds 
It stifles a yawn and gently simpers 
Then blows a kiss to the sleeping world

Read More ...

Asther Bascuña-Creo, another endearing and appealing Bright Lighter talent, who originated in the Philippines and now lives in the land of Oz  reveals her poetic side with the charming - 

Ode to Rose
gathering many layered petticoats
you twirl and bob velvety head
to the wind’s whispered musical notes
keeping thorny feet on your leafy bed

Read More ...

You, of course, know Stephen Pray from the United States - Featured Bright Light Talent and prolifically pleasing poet.  His latest poem is a sensuously sweet portrait of love. Indulge and enjoy.

Bright Island
You are my bright island 
in a dark sea.
My Sapphire waters wash 
upon your toes.

Read more ...

We are pleased and proud to introduce Dorothy Bransgrove from Victoria, Australia with her poem of working through personal problems through a creative physical act.  Dorothy is 84 years young and we rejoice in her entering our admiring arms, and becoming our latest member of the Bright Light Creative Family.

Tension Unravelled
Have you ever knitted a quarrel,
Dropped a stitch as you chewed on a slight?

Read More ...

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Short Stories

Over the last couple of months, Ronda Del Boccio from rural Missouri, in the United States, has tickled our funny bones with article and story, and once again she gives us a good grin as she moves into the area of true love and pure magic.  We hope you enjoy this tale as much as we did.

Hooked   (1,641 words)

When I moved to the Ozarks, I never imagined that the magical land would have magical inhabitants. Nor would I ever have guessed that one of the creatures, right out of myths and fairy tales, would befriend me – and annoy me! 
Read More ...

Christine Tothill is a Bright Light English woman living in Spain who displays a truly charming sense of love at its most understated and obvious.  Her stories tug at the heart strings with their sense of enduring closeness no matter what challenges life may present.

Blue Skies  (714 words)

Walter pulled himself up from his chair. He shielded his eyes from the sun and peered toward the mountains. The bluest sky, not a cloud to be seen, not even a puff or a slight trail.

‘Norah, you there? Come on out here,’ he yelled, without turning round.

Read More ...

And last, but by no means least, is "The Rainbow Bridge", a story claimed to have been written by at least half a dozen people and also claimed by the American Indians as their own.  We have also added a few words to this endearing tear-jerker that touched our hearts in a very special way as we went through the initial throes of grief surrounding the death of our beloved cat.  If you have ever lost a four-legged friend and companion, we highly recommend this tale of peace and love.

The Rainbow Bridge   (271 words)

Just this side of heaven is a wonderful place called Rainbow Bridge. 
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here on Earth, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
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We were surprised to hear from a Bright Light Café contributor that they thought the standard of our performances was so high that they felt too intimidated to perform their own material.  This is a great shame and certainly not our aim.

We have been professionals in the entertainment business all our lives and our professional rates run well into the hundreds of dollars for every individual piece of voice work.  We are also two human beings who believe that love and positivity are the only true way for us all to become one big, happy, global family, albeit with occasional foibles. This is why we have donated so much of our time and talent towards encouraging new talent to focus on this objective.

Our services were meant to inspire, not intimidate.  When an a writer reads their own work, they are giving the listener a fascinating experience of hearing the way the written work was originally heard in the author's head and heart as well as further promoting that work. 

We can only hope that you delight in the emerging talent we are promoting and that our work lightens your heart whenever you visit us.  We are not aware of anywhere else on the web that provides professional voicing for frëë, and we have been pleased to donate the vast benefits of this otherwise very expensive service.  Towards that positive outcome, we now present several newly created performances for your entertainment.

Love Potion  Short Story by Margaret Dakin

Are Women from Utopia and Men from Wal-Mart?  Article by Allie Ochs

Sometimes ...  Poem by Stephen Pray

I am  Poem by Malcolm Carvalho

No Bird Song  Poem by Agatha Lai 

Plus to help ease our own sorrow over the death of our little furry purry we have not only performed "The Rainbow Bridge", but also finally added a short song, sung by Rod Kirkham and written by B. A. Llewellyn many years ago about life "Over There" beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

"The Rainbow Bridge"  Short Story by Unknown and B. A. Llewellyn (courtesy of Bright Light Multimedia)

"Over There"  Song by B. A. Llewellyn  Sung by Rod Kirkham (all courtesy of Bright Light Multimedia)

We wish you peace and friendship.  "May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire."

With our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 


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