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Brilliant!  september/october 2006

So sorry about the lack of a newsletter last month.  As mentioned in the August newsletter, Barbara and I planned to take a much needed break in September and spend a couple of weeks recuperating on the coast of northern New South Wales.  Well we did, and it was great, thanks for asking - even if the unexpected inclement weather was a little restrictive on the proposed beach activities.  In fact, the tides were so big that every oceanfront property along our long stretch of beach had their beach access literally washed away!

Upon our return to the office in mid September, we were faced with some critical operational deadlines that had to be met in order to achieve our goal of establishing Bright Light Multimedia as a US corporation, plus several other ongoing projects that required our focus, plus attending a weekend-long personal development seminar and, suddenly, September was gone, so we decided to hold the newsletter over until October.

So, welcome to the October and, very importantly, second anniversary edition of "Brilliant!"  What a great milestone!  We want to sincerely thank all our subscribers, customers and contributors for your support and patronage over the past year.  Since we first began the monthly newsletter, shortly after launching our websites in 2004, both Bright Light Multimedia and The Bright Light Café have grown dramatically.

Bright Light Multimedia continues to add to its ever-increasing product suite that offers a range of entertaining, positive and life-affirming audio CDs, printed books, e-Books and digital audio downloads.  Hot on the heels of the August releases of the visionary novel, "Letters to Michael" and the digital download version of the liberating guided visualisations of "The Second Trigger", we are pleased to announce the addition of the CD version of "The Second Trigger" to our product line.

When we first opened the online doors of our free entertainment website, The Bright Light Café, one of our main aims was to provide new and emerging talent with a global stage upon which they could present their most positive and uplifting creations.  Since then, we have received over 425 submissions from writers and artists all over the world and currently, we showcase over sixty talented contributors who delight the Bright Light audience with a wonderful range of entertaining, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant short stories, poems, articles, anecdotes, music, art and photography.  At present, The Café offers a menu of over 450 pages of positive and uplifting entertainment and information including:

  • 37 fascinating anecdotes, such as how a throng of angels convinced the creator of the Far Side comics to take up cartooning, or the one about Julie Andrews and a helicopter, or how the term "stealing my thunder" came into being;

  • 39 entertaining, informative and empowering articles, ranging in length from 167 words to 3,435 words, covering topics such as breathing deeply, gender roles, and having a positive mindset;

  • 19 winners and highly commended entries from three highly successful writing competitions, which attracted hundreds of entries from all over the world;

  • 121 poems that are humorous, loving, and uplifting;

  • 17 pages of wonderful quotes on topics such as friendship, success, and true love;

  • 53 humorous, loving and uplifting short stories that are also sorted by length, to help you find a story that suits your available reading time;

  • 58 pages of multimedia artworks, including wonderful original still art and photography from our Bright Light contributors, stunning artwork from our web affiliates, and some fun animated puzzles and games;

  • 140 streaming audio performances presented by professional voice artists, as well as some of the contributing authors themselves;

  • 13 streaming audio musical performances;

  • 185 rounds of "Applause" from our online audience to our contributors.

Some very special talent

At this point, I would like to personally thank my beautiful wife (of 28 years this month!), business partner, and amazing creative talent, Barbara Llewellyn, for her consistent and extraordinary insight, wisdom and sheer breadth of talent.  Barbara is the creative force behind everything we produce at Bright Light Multimedia and I am constantly inspired by her desire to help make the world a happier place through the power of positive words and deeds.  Thankyou my love, you're the best.

And I would also like to acknowledge our four Featured Talent contributors, Denise Marshall, Shanu Goyal, Stephen Pray and Dan Akinlolu.  These four talented people have been a part of the Bright Light creative family since The Café's early days and we have been so thrilled to witness the growth in their work over the past 2 years.  A Featured Talent is a contributor who has 8 or more creative items showcased at the Café.  When a contributor reaches that level, they receive their own special pages that include an expanded biography, an interview, some photos and a complete listing of their showcased items.  We're pleased to say that there are several other contributors who are very close to achieving this status and we look forward to receiving more submissions from them as they move toward this goal.

The Bright Light Philosophy

Our business and life philosophy is essentially founded on the positive and mutually empowering practices of love, truth, honour, respect, compassion, peace on earth, goodwill to all, and a big dose of happiness.

Always keeping this philosophy in mind, Bright Light Multimedia is dedicated to crafting products and services that lift spirits, inspire lives, heal hearts, promote health, deepen relationships, create understanding, entertain, validate worth, and grow awareness.

The major criteria for submissions to The Bright Light Café is a positive perspective.  All submissions must be ultimately heart-warming, although that doesn't mean sugar coated and unrealistic.  Our focus of entertainment is on the uplifting and empowering.  We want people to feel good, and happily entertained, every time they visit us.

All submissions are reviewed to ensure they are well written and they broadly match our philosophy, and as such, not every submission is accepted.  We have received many interesting and well written pieces that we felt were outside our criteria, and therefore decided to pass on them.  We know there are other outlets for our contributors to place those pieces, and we always wish them well in their alternative endeavours.

New Horizons for Bright Light

As I mentioned earlier, Bright Light Multimedia has just been established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the US.  Initially, we have setup a remote office in Indianapolis, but plan to relocate to a more permanent location in Delaware in the next month or so.  This enables us to do business directly with US entities such as online retailers, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so we will soon be selling Bright Light product through these channels.  

Looking for Love (poems and stories)

The other piece of news is that we are progressing our plans to create our first CD and download release featuring audio performances of a selection of pieces from The Bright Light Café.  Once we have the legal issues in place, we will be contacting specific contributors about including their work on this CD, which is tentatively titled - "Speaking of Love".  It will contain positive, uplifting and humorous poems and short stories about love, in all its many shapes and sizes.  We are still looking for more pieces to consider for the project, so if you have some material you think would be perfect for the CD, we'd love to hear from you.  You can get it to us via the usual Bright Light submission process.

We're celebrating - and you get the presents!

To celebrate our second anniversary, we are giving "Brilliant!" subscribers a brilliant gift.  You may choose any one digital download from our current product range, and we'll send you the .mp3 or .pdf file by email, with our compliments!  Yes, you can choose from one of our seven audio downloads:

Or, one of our e-book downloads:

To receive you choice of download, simply send an email to and tell us which product you'd like, and we will email you the .mp3 or .pdf file in 24-48 hrs.  It's our way of saying thank you for supporting the Bright Light websites and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your anniversary present.

Now, here are the new editions to the menu at The Bright Light Café this month. For your entertainment and enjoyment, we have:

  • interviews with Featured Talent, Stephen Pray and Dan Akinlolu;

  • new link pages;

  • two articles;

  • four poems.

To introduce these items and their creators, I'm handing over to my wonderful partner, and the Creative Director of Bright Light Multimedia, Barbara Llewellyn.

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The Second Trigger

If you've ever felt someone's words or actions make you instantly angry, upset or frightened, you have experienced your emotional triggers being switched on.

Do you want other people to keep
"pushing your buttons"?
Or do you want to 
take back the power that is rightfully yours?

When you want to be in control of your own life, it's time for The Second Trigger and the Master Switch that will override all your negative responses.



Remember your 10th birthday?  Didn’t it feel wonderful to suddenly be in the double-digit club, finally old enough to wear two numbers to your name?  Remember when you turned 20 and the mixed feelings you had about leaving your teens behind to enter the awesome world of adulthood and growing responsibility.  The thirtieth birthday is a big event too – careers and families, when you're old enough to know about life and young enough to still feel a bit wild.  It seems that all birthdays ending in zero are anything but a big zero.  They move us into new decades and new life experiences whether we’re ready or not.  Allie Ochs, relationship expert and Bright Lighter from Canada, feels that the 40th birthday is downright magical.  She shares her reasons why in this uplifting read.

The Magic of Turning 40   (578 words) 

The countdown begins and soon you will no longer belong to the 30-something group. While some may dread crossing 40 threshold, others may greet the event with anticipation and excitement. Regardless of how you feel, you will probably do what everyone does at this juncture: take stock of your life. What have you done with your life? Are you the person you intended to be and are you living the life you want? 
Read more ...

Norma Jean Kawak, originally from a close-knit English community and now living in the sunny land of Oz, shared a personal tragedy and opened our hearts and eyes to the horrors of asbestos in her article “The Deadly Powder”.  She now opens a window into her childhood and reveals the man who was an unrecognised protector of youngsters in the “First Five Rows”.

First Five Rows   (911 words)  

As children we don’t always perceive the evil intentions of some, seemingly friendly, adults towards us. But it’s equally true that we don’t always recognize genuine concern for our welfare, especially when it’s bestowed upon us by an authoritarian adult.

We can all remember at least one: Perhaps it was a teacher who insisted on sunhats when they were out the fashion. Or maybe it was an angry driver who sprang from his car to enlighten you about the dangers of playing in the road.

There was one such person in my life many years ago in England. “Grumpy old George” we kids called him. I first became acquainted with old George at the children’s Saturday afternoon matinee at the cinema just a couple of blocks from where I lived. I was nine.

Read more ...


To become a Featured Talent at The Bright Light Café, you need to have at least eight items showcased throughout our site.  We know it’s not an easy achievement but it’s a very worthwhile goal.  Only four writers have, so far, achieved this status.  We felt sure you would be as fascinated as we are to find out more about these special people, so we have introduced an interview section in their pages.  Dan Akinlolu of Africa, and Stephen Pray of America have started the ball rolling, giving us an intimate understanding of their reading preferences and introducing us to their personal lives.   It’s amazing to delve into other cultures and talented personalities.  Here’s a little taste.

Stephen Pray:I am a very voracious reader and collector.  I have over 4000 books in my collection.  I would be hard pressed to pick just one favourite, but probably the Tolkien series Lord of the Rings.”

Dan Akinlolu: “I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. I actually grew up in a large African family where we value communal relationship. I have one “Mum” but many “Mothers” what I mean is that because I grew up in a large family, lessons about life and what I wish to be in life came to me from multiple points of view and I think that really gave me an edge not to see life from one angle.”

Interesting Links

We are endeavouring to build a library of fascinating, useful, positive and uplifting links from around the world.  If you’re interested in Good News, Writing Competitions, or Writing Organisations we now have a collection of web addresses we hope you will find very useful and absorbing.


Bright Lighter, Carl Palmer, from the USA has already revealed his cheeky sense of humour in the poem, “A Dog Named xxx” and short story “Im Falschen Fenster".  Now he opens up his heart with two haunting and deeply touching poems.  Thank you, Carl.

Her New Room

The house was small 
where she raised her five children,
but not as small as her new room.

She lived in her house fifty-two years,
but only for a couple of months now 
in her new room.

Read more ...

Her Candle

I’ve got so many candles that I’ve never burned,
a marriage candle, 
a first communion candle from one of the kids, 
a bicentennial candle, 
a millennium candle. 
So many candles that I’ve never burned.

Read more ...

Featured Talent, Stephen Pray, also from the USA, is well known and loved by us all (don’t forget to read our new interview with Steve) and he comes up trumps again with “Autumn with Yulya”, continuing to delight our senses with his romantic and very visual poetry. 

Autumn for Yulya

Before prickly hoarfrost paints patterns
on window panes and duck ponds - 
I hear, on those ice cold little waters, 
the hubbub of geese gossiping
about their flight south.

Read more ...

Only one item away from becoming a Bright Light Café Featured Talent is Rachelle Arlin Credo, from the Philippines.  Her latest poem, “A Heaven of Sand and Stones”, will strike a chord in the minds of many readers.  Perhaps all of us are looking for our own little piece of heaven on earth – a place that’s safe and calming, where the troubles of the world cannot find a foothold and peace reigns supreme.

A Heaven of Sand and Stones

Build me a heaven of sand and stones
A castle out of sprays of sand
Where I may rest at the close of the day
For refuge from a whole day's run

Read More ...

Advertisement ...

"Letters to Michael"

Have you ever wondered 
what happens after you die?
Join Kate and Michael Morrison and find out now in this insightful, inspiring and gently humorous adventure story of life, death, and what happens "over there".  

Prepare to laugh and cry and feel good all over as you come face to face with
 the power of love and 
profound and timeless
spiritual truths.


As always we send you our warmest thoughts and our brightest wishes.  “May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past and may our hands and hearts be forever joined in friendship.”

With our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 


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