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The Good Stuff

by Stephen Pray
Length: 9 lines

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Voice: Denise Marshall

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Written & performed
by Sky

"Drifting Memories"


Written & performed
by Taylor Dean
Taylor is 9 years old

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A tiny webbed rainbow glistens
A sigh softly cried
Does any one hear, listen.

A leaf slowly falls
Deep in the forest
Its quiet whisper lingers. 

A shaft of sunlight
Follows the dust motes.
And warms itself in the grass.

 Forest Path
Forest Path
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Shanu Goyal   India
Your poem is very beautiful. It gives a sort of relaxation to tired body and mind. The very thought of mother nature and its adventures hidden makes me spell bound."

Denise Marshall    United States
"I listened to your composition along with my narration of Stephen Pray's poetic simplicity, "Nature"; the three of us are an awesome trio, if I do say so myself! Your music added the perfect mood and magic. When I read your bio and learned your age, I was pleasantly amazed! You are very talented, Taylor, and I look forward to hearing many great things from you in the future. And, when I do, I'll proudly declare, "I once worked with Taylor Dean!" Please continue to grow and give joy and pleasure to the world. How fortunate we are to have you in it. Bravo!

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