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Barbara & Rod
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13 Myths that Murder Marriage

13 Myths that Murder Marriage CD Cover - don't let them kill your love.

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Myth (definition):   Something not true, fiction, or falsehood.  A truth disguised and distorted.

From the entertaining and insightful book, Married and Loving It!, comes this selected reading by the authors, Barbara Llewellyn and husband, Rod Kirkham.

Barbara and Rod have been happily married for over 26 years, and want to share with you the knowledge they have gained, so you too can have a seriously happy marriage.  In this audio extract from their book, they bring to life the wisdom held in the pages of the chapter on 13 Myths that have been murdering marriages for way too long.

There are many destructive myths surrounding marriage, and they are capable of severely harming this most precious relationship.  Myths about marriage are usually created by people who have unsuccessful or failed marriages themselves and who use their bad experiences as the basis of their expert advice, or worse still, from people who have never even been married!

From the myth that "sex dies after marriage", to the myth that "there's no use trying to communicate, because he/she just wouldn't understand", Barbara and Rod expose thirteen negative time-honoured beliefs that can really endanger your happiness.  You deserve all the joys of marital bliss, and you deserve to know the unworthy myths that can keep you from that goal.

This 26 minute CD or Digital Download is the perfect companion to the print version of "Married and Loving It!"  Now you can get an entertaining audio dose of the easy to understand philosophy that's contained throughout the book, presented in a warm and relaxed manner, by this experienced, loving couple.

You can buy the CD version of 13 Myths and we'll ship it to you straight away, or you can choose to download a digital copy right now, and play it on your PC, or burn it to CD or your MP3 player, and have access to this important information, anywhere, anytime.  The CD would also make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for newlyweds, or anyone whose personal happiness is important to you.


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