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The Good Stuff
King George V1

by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 207 words 

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King George V1 and The Special Occasion

King George V1 of England toured Canada before the Second World War.  At one of the stops along the way, he noticed the local mayor was not wearing a mayoral chain.  The King thought this was a sad omission in the man’s apparel, and that it might be a nice gift to present to his loyal subject.  He asked the mayor directly whether or not he had a chain.

The mayor answered, “Oh yes, Sir, I have.”

The King was surprised, but thought there must be a logical reason why the man was not wearing this important sign of his authority while meeting his King.  

King George V1 discreetly remarked, “But I notice you are not wearing it.”

The mayor nodded and explained “Oh, I only wear it on special occasions, Sir.”

Luckily King George V1 had a sense of humour, and the story became a favourite amongst the royal family.  Throughout their tour of South Africa, George (father), Elizabeth (mother), Elizabeth and Margaret, regularly joked with each other prior to any function where they were required to be in gala dress.

“Is this a special occasion?”  they asked each other, laughing at their own silliness, calming and grounding each other with a moment of irreverent reality.

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