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The Good Stuff
Positive Affirmations (Part 2)
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 413 words 

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Creating Positive Affirmations

The creation of personal positive affirmations requires deep thought and personal honesty, and a little time.  No one can create our most powerful affirmations but our own self.  We know who we are, and what we want, better than anybody else.

Each individual has different desires, dreams, goals, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and key words.  We can copy somebody else's thoughts, but we must personalise whatever we say to ensure it's the right affirmation for us.  Creating positive affirmations means we must be open enough with our self to find out what we really want to happen in our lives.

Here's How:

  • Give yourself time to consider your dreams and desires.

  • Write down the dreams and desires that you think you want the most.  It's alright to only mention key words such as "new job", "a size 10 figure", "excellent grades".

  • Imagine yourself living your dreams and desires right now.  Put in as much detail as you can.

  • Be aware of your emotions as you put yourself into the landscape of your dreams and desires.

  • Capture the clues your dreams are supplying, and "feel" which ones matter the most to you. For example;

You may have thought you wanted to run a large business empire but, as you allow yourself to immerse in your fantasy of running a large business empire, you realise that it isn't as much fun as you thought.  This "clue" and "feeling" is prompting you to reconsider your goal so that you can change it to become a dream of what you really do want.  You might end up deciding that a small business empire that is easy to manage, by the sea, near a great school, is actually the dream you would really like to pursue.

  • Write down key words, conveying your best experiences and emotions, as you visualise the life you really want to live.  Refer to these words to help build the positive statements/affirmations you want to make about your imagined future.

Taking the time and effort to discover what you really do want helps to ensure you head in the direction of the life you desire.  You are allowing your positive affirmations to create the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.  You must emotionally invest in your desire.  You are creating a new world for yourself.  Be sure you create the world you really want.

There are 4 rules to creating effective positive affirmations.

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