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The Good Stuff
Positive Affirmations (Part 4)
by B. A. Llewellyn
 618 words 

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Creating Affirmations - Rules 2, 3, & 4.

Rule 2: Now Is The Time

Affirmations must live in the present tense to be effective.  Repeating an affirmation deliberately magnetises our desires into our present. We are calling them into our now.  We want our positive objectives to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The aim of positive affirmations is to achieve and experience the affirmation, right now.

If we say we will be happy, healthy, wealthy, peaceful, or whatever else we want to be, we are actually informing our subconscious we want our desire to always stay in the future.  "Will be" lives in tomorrow,  and tomorrow never comes.

Every positive affirmation must be based in the NOW.  "I am healthy and strong", or "I feel fantastic", "I love my life", or "I rejoice in all the good things always happening to me".

Rule 3A Big Yes

Positive affirmations must include a positive emotion.  Emotions add chemical and electrical power to our thoughts and words creating a much more powerful neuronal network construction in our brains.  Basically our thoughts are much stronger when an emotion is imbedded in them.

Examples of adding positive emotions into positive affirmations include: "I rejoice in feeling calm and peaceful",  "I am happy I'm so healthy and prosperous".

Rule 4:  It must be True

The brain is overflowing with intelligence so if part of you is affirming "I am happy", while another part of you is saying "No, I'm not!  I'm miserable!", your brain will listen to the message that is packed full of emotion ... and you will be affirming my own misery!  It is therefore essential, before establishing positive affirmations as our daily mantra, that we believe in the possibility of the message we are affirming.

For instance, if you created an affirmation about being relaxed and positive while constantly arguing with yourself, negatively affirming that affirmations are "a load of rubbish" and "I am not relaxed and positive.  I am stressed.  Life is full of bad experiences, and I just can't cope", you would not be affirming your relaxed, positive state of being.  You would be affirming your own stress and negativity.

Underlying negative statements are much more powerful than insipid, I-don't believe-this-anyway positive affirmations.  The negative statements are jam-packed-full of negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt ... and remember Rule 2?! 

Who Feels the Most, Wins!

The most emotionally validated affirmation wins.  Affirmations work.  You just have to be careful about what you are affirming!  The subconscious always obeys the most strongly felt instructions.  The brain obeys, and whether your affirmation is positive or negative, it will take firm hold of your outlook, and your life.

It is therefore necessary to face up to any and all inner opposition to the positive attitudes and directions you wish to follow.  Ask your negative-and-arguing-self to explain the reasons for the negativity.  You will hear reasons given.  Think about the answers you're giving yourself, then ask about the reasons behind the answers.  Keep digging away until you reach a root cause or causes.  The root cause will reveal the attitude, and memories, afflicting your belief in your good fortune.

Be aware that you may need the help of some good books and CDs to help you through to self-acceptance.

Simple, But Hard Work

Did I mention creating life-changing and empowering affirmations was hard work?  Simple, but hard work.  Well, it is, but it's hard working towards the life you really want.  There is no greater goal.

Always keep in mind the joy of reaping the rewards for the work you're doing.  Imagine how great life will be, being the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.  Trust yourself.  You can achieve miracles.

 Words to Live By - Miracle
Words to Live By - Miracle
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