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The Good Stuff
Brain Power
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  414 words

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We produce enough electricity to light a light globe.

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Brain Power

Our brains are comprised of neural networks creating endless patterns of energy.  Every time we think, we literally "spark up" - and we are always thinking.  Our brains "spark up" so often we produce enough electricity to light a light globe.

Electrical and chemical connectors are the movers of our inner messages.  The longer, more repeatedly, and stronger (with emotion) we think the same message, the stronger, brighter and more powerful are the electrical and chemical  messages along our neuronal pathways.

Over and Over Again

The more we think the same thought, the easier it is to think the same thought.  We create a pattern in our brains with the same repeated thoughts, and over time, those patterns become so firmly embedded we accept them as our belief system.  Consistently repeated thoughts walk such a well-worn path in our brain's neurological system that they become increasingly influential, until they seem like the only truth.

A consistent, emotional thought will  electrically light up the brain while chemically connecting with more and more surrounding neurons.  The strength of the thought will start to snare other neurons that were on weaker and duller pathways (or thoughts).  The powerful and consistent thought will change its neuronal pathway ... to a road ... to a freeway ... and eventually, if thought long and strong enough, it will be "the ruling power" (our belief pattern) in our brain.

With Our Thoughts...

Science has discovered we literally are creating our own world with our thoughts.  The sub-atomic world is known to react in the manner that we most expect.

One of the reasons that we are physically the way we are is because every time we think, we are being physical.  We release and/or constrict our physical structure because of the electrical energy created by our thoughts.

No human yet exists who can use all the potential of his brain.
This is why we don't accept any pessimistic estimates
of the limits of the human brain.   It is unlimited!
Professor Petr Kouzmich Anokhin

Thinking mobilises the entire sensor motor system by triggering neurons in the motor cortex of the brain which directly connect with the muscles of the body.  Which means that our thinking directly affects our bodies.

We are what we think...

Positive and aware thoughts literally do create a chemical feeling of well being, while also relaxing the tension in our muscles.

Negative thoughts can literally create physical tension, and wrinkles, and diseases.

Our remedies in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to Heaven


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