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The Good Stuff
Solo Fun
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 404 words

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Solo Fun

Your own company can be the best company of all. 

Here are a selection of Fun things to do as a Solo:

  • Lie back on a comfy chaise lounge, with a favourite beverage nearby, surrounded by the night.  Search the skies for the star you like the most.

  • Write down everything wonderful you want to happen in your life.  Everyday, visualise and affirm the perfect life you want for yourself.

  • Go shopping for $10 to $20 worth of flowering plants/punnets.  Design a pattern, decide on a place/pot and plant.  Watch your garden grow.  Feel empowered by your achievement.

  • Grow herbs mixed with companion flowers.  You will have good smells, great tastes and lots of colour ... and better health.

  • Join your local library and luxuriate in your decision making process whenever you visit.  Libraries have a great peaceful atmosphere.  Borrow books and CDs.

  • Read ... and then read some more.  Read what you like.  Read a bit of this and that.  Read about things you want to know.  Read about things that interest you.  Read books.  Read the world wide web.  Read.

  • Write a daily journal.  Ponder why things happened the way they did.  Remind yourself of the high points of your day.  Dwell on everything good that happens to you.

  • Create a dream diary.  It's incredible the way dreams come back to you even through the distance of many years, if you have written them down soon after the event.  Fascinating to hear from our subconscious in such a experiential way.

  • Rent or buy happy, uplifting films, television series or documentaries.  Remember, laughter can literally cure most anything.

  • Go window shopping for luxury items you want to eventually buy for yourself.  Now is the time to discover whether you prefer red or black upholstery on your future SAAB convertible.

  • Bicycle around your neighbourhood.  Nod hullo to your neighbours.  Watch the plants and trees and families and houses grow.

  • Join a local charity.  Helping others can be fun as well as globally beneficial.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument.  It is very empowering and emotionally uplifting to create your own music.

  • Write your autobiography.  Donít worry about trying to write in a polished manner in an effort to be published.  This autobiography is for you, and your future genetic line.  Remember there's no-one quite as fascinating as your own self.

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