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The Good Stuff
Filling the world with Love
by B. A. Llewellyn

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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Filling the World with Love Meditation

Imagine your body filling with a sparkling white light.
Imagine this vibrant light is pure love.
Feel the light flowing through your body ...
sparkling through your skin ...
shining out into the air around you.
Feel the love vibrating all around you.
You are literally brimming over with love. 

Love is filling your surroundings - making everything brighter. 
Love is filling your life - making every moment more enjoyable.

Imagine the white light of your love 
flowing through your home ...
flowing through your country ...
flowing through the lands and waters of the world.
Feel your love filling the world.

Imagine the earth literally glowing with love.
Your love is making a powerful and positive difference.

Notice how good you feel.  Enjoy the feeling.

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 Face of Earth from Space  - ©Spaceshots
Face of Earth from Space - ©Spaceshots
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Mary    New Zealand
"This is the second time I've listened to this meditation.  It lifts my spirit.  It's a real service you do.  Thank you."

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