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The Setting Sun
by Shanu Goyal
Length: 19 lines

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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"Drifting Memories"


Written & performed by
Taylor Dean
Taylor is 9 years old

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The Setting Sun

Beautiful setting sun
announces the completion of the day.
This orange ball of fire
ignites the passion, romance ...
Desires come up to the brim
tiredness of the day finishes,
it rejuvenates the body
relaxes the mind. 

Nature's treasure,
eye's pleasure,
to see this setting sun 
bathing in ocean
and water turning vermilion

Its sanctity
envelopes the matter.
lightens mind like feather
Beauty, that you're spell bound
Supreme silence surrounds ...


Mauritius Sunset
Photograph by Vinay Goyal


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Nidhi Saran   India
"A world of fantasy was seen by me when I read "The Setting Sun". It took me in a beautiful journey where I saw how beautiful is the setting sun. Mesmerised me completely. I am spell bound. Beautiful work by the poet and the site. Keep it going!"

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