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Mauritius Sunset
Photograph by Vinay Goyal

India Saving The Taj
India Saving The Taj
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 Flying Hearts
Flying Hearts
Daucher, Mark
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Shanu Goyal

Biography      Poems

Denise Marshall

Shanu Goyal  

Shanu Goyal is an MBA in Human Resource Development, and a postgraduate in Management.  She now utilizes her abilities and assists her husband in an export business.  Her work demands most of Shanu’s time but she always finds a spare moment to write beautiful poetry.  Poetry is something divine to Shanu.  It is her passion, blessing her with soothing relaxation, as well as inner drive and motivation.

Shanu has been writing poems since the age of 12.  She openly praises her reverent and beloved mother, who has always encouraged her and “tried to bring my talent up to the brim.”  

In February 2005, Shanu published her own book of poetry, "Silence Speaks", (a collection of 100 poems) written in different moods.  Her work has already been published in various International Publications.  Her poem, “Silence Speaks”, has been accepted by voicesnet.com to be published in “Anthology 9”.  Her work has also been published in Taj Mahal Review (International Literary Journal), June 04 edition.

Shanu is married to her true love and creative partner, Vinay Goyal.  Vinay is a photographer, as well as a very busy exporter, who delights in matching the romantic beauty of his wife’s poetic joy with its visual counterpart. 

From Shanu:

“I am an extremely emotional person.  To me poetry is passion.  It is something that satisfies the very being in me.  I don't want to die unknown, so here I am speaking to you in a poetic language of my own.

I'm thankful to all those who help in giving a platform to the budding poets and poetesses like me, who always yearn to be listened to.”

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   Gary Mercer

Shanu Goyal's Poems: 

Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent= narrated   = music

"A Woman's Beauty"               Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent  

"Colors of Life"

"Dreams ... Dreams"

"Ethereal Beauty"

"Indian Bride"                        Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

"Let Love Breathe"                 Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

"Magnetism of Love"

"Me ... You ... Timelessness"    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

"Mystical Kiss"                       Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

"Nature ... a Bliss"                  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent x2

"The Setting Sun"                  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent (+ artwork by Vinay Goyal) 

"Vibrant Laughter"                  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx2 + Laughter

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