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Bright Light Cafť Short Stories

Winning Stories

Each of the following stories has been a winner
 in a Bright Light Multimedia writing competition.

Children of the Sun  by Daniel Gbemi Akinlolu  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent   (497 words)

When I was young, mum told me there was man in the moon. I sat every night staring at the sky, with a thousand stars dotting the naked sky. Each time I tried counting the stars I kept mixing them up, losing tracks of recorded numbers.
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I Remember  by Annette Hunter  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent  (785 words)

I sit on the headland, the soft grass below, the warm sun above. I look out over the ocean, waves beating against the rocks below. I have sat here many times before in this very same spot, in the same town that I grew up in, the same town that my mother grew up in, and I remember.
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More Than I Deserve  by Billy Johnson  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent  (895 words)

Success is an insatiable want. Its victories are euphoric, its defeats disastrous. It is a small, seven letter word that can only truly be defined inside each one of us individually.  The path to achieving it, in our minds, is clear, but itís the intangibles that test our will. Failure is its shadow, always lurking close behind.
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Moving Day  by Tom Conoboy Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent   (350 words)

Thereís things in the attic, fifteen years old, twenty, or more, cobweb-tangled, dirt-roughened, dust-smeared, never-forgotten. Thereís things in the attic which mean nothing to anyone but me. Thereís things in the attic, rising above it all.
You, youíre there. Your breath, your spores, droplets of vapour crystallised, hanging in the air untouched, unbreathed since you last clumped up the ladder with a torch in your hand and a cancer in your gut.

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Precious by Karen Clarke  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent  (995 words)

I had the dream again, for the first time in ages. The one where Iím running away. Itís so vivid I can feel my heart thumping out of time as I grab a suitcase and stuff it with clothes. I open the front door and step outside. The smell of fresh air fills me with hope and I start walking towards golden sunshine. I donít know where Iím heading but it doesnít matter because Iím free.
As I reach the end of the road dense clouds gather, heavy with rain. Invisible arms drag me back and I battle something shapeless pressing against my chest.
I wake up exhausted, sensing chaos, and hear a crash from the living room. Blundering out of bed I stumble downstairs.

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Spring Comes To Bosnia  by Arnold Miedema  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent   (365 words)

He was one of the United Nationís peacekeeping officers taken hostage in Bosnia.  Every day he was handcuffed to the park railing and guarded by masked gunmen who patrolled the area.  Every day he wondered what the hell he was doing here when he could be back home playing Rugby, or running along some beach with his dog.
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Till Death do us Part  by Caroline Stevenson Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent   (408 words)

The machine that measured his heartbeat was the only noise in the cold antiseptic hospital room. For days he had hung on, his grasp on life tenuous, his conscious mind had retreated inside itself to prepare for death.
She had sat beside him, holding his hand knowing that on some level he would be able to sense her presence.
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