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Dr Who's Magic
Length: 296 words

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Dr Who's Magic

Tom Baker was the 4th actor to portray the eccentric and totally lovable Dr Who in the BBC series of the same name.   His characterisation of the famous Time-Lord was bigger than life and made him one of the most popular Dr Whos of all time. 

Tom is also known to have a rich sense of humour in his personal life, often blocking further questions about his time as the master of time travel by stating, with that well-known twinkle in his eye, “You will have to excuse me but I was drunk at the time”.  When asked how he felt about not only being a star but also having a star named after him he replied, “I’m over the moon”.

As Dr Who, Tom is seen as a hero by many generations, but perhaps not so well known is his quiet generosity in real life, as illustrated in a delightful story told by Robert Llewellyn (Kyrton in Red Dwarf). 

Robert tells the tale of Tom Baker collecting the seeds of flowers every time Dr Who was filming on location in the countryside.  Tom would place the seeds in a variety of envelopes before stuffing the small packages in the voluptuous pockets of his character’s coat.  There the envelopes would stay until filming was moved to grey, bland, city locations, at which time Tom would use his lunch and tea breaks to plant the seeds in every crack of paving concrete or brick wall he could find. 

When asked why he bothered, Tom replied that everyone needed some beauty in their lives and this was his contribution.  Every spring the visited streets came alive with a cacophony of colours supplied directly from the hand and heart of a true master of magic as well as time.

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Alison Pearce   Australia
"I grew up watching Dr Who in awe. Tom Baker was always and still is my favoutite Dr and instilled a love in sc-fi irrevocably in me.
These tales of a brilliant, humorous and eccentric actor with a beautifully sensitive soul has only enhanced my adoration!
Thank you for sharing such wonderful tales about the magnificent Tom Baker with us."

Norma Jean Kawak   Australia
"What a delightful story.You have shown us that Tom Baker was not only a great actor but a lovely human being too."

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