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The Good Stuff
Positive Affirmations (Part 1)
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 330 words

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Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are powerful personal tools.  They become increasingly effective with an increasing belief in their effectiveness.  They demonstrate, in a simple and effective manner, how we can achieve anything with the power of our mind, as long as we believe we can achieve anything with the power of our mind. Positive affirmations are a perfect example of the experimenter controlling the outcome of the experiment.

You, me, and everyone is programmed by caretakers and society to think and respond in a certain manner.  Most of us are completely oblivious to this personalised brain washing.  We merely accept it.  We were taught to think in a certain way, therefore we think in a certain way.  We were taught not to think for ourself, so ... we don't!

Our lessons in self-denigration were begun so long ago, most of us no longer notice the consistent messages in our minds undermining our confidence and self-esteem.  We do, however, notice the effects.

Depression, anxiety and lack of confidence are all outcomes of negative self-talk.  They are blatant examples of negative affirmations.

Positive affirmations demonstrate a mature approach to mental, spiritual and emotional health.  The most fundamental personal responsibility is being aware of, and directing, our own thoughts.  It is hard work.  It may be simple but it is still hard work.

Demeaning self-talk is a heavily ingrained habit in most people.  Heavily ingrained habits take commitment and dedication to break.  We have to be supportive of own efforts and become our own cheer squad, and our own best friend.  How would we speak to a friend who genuinely wants to break a self-destructive habit?  Think about it  then adopt the same gentleness and humour with your self.

It is logical, and good intuitive sense, to make use of the power of the mind through affirmations.  Simply create a few affirmations that have potent and special meanings to you, and then use them every day, whenever you find yourself dwelling on negative emotions or thoughts.

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Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude
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