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Married and Loving It!
How to Have a Seriously Happy Marriage

You deserve to have a seriously happy relationship - here's how!

159 pages   A5-size paperback (6ĺ in x 8ľ in)

Paperback - $15.50 USD plus p&h

E-book - $11.25 USD

Married and Loving It! is the easy to read-and-use handbook for a successful marriage.

The book begins by acknowledging the relationship we have with the most important person in our world - our self!  Learning to love and nurture this most intimate relationship, allows us to love and nurture other relationships we experience in our lives.

The authors briefly discuss some of the positive reasons for taking the important life-decision to marry your true love, and then move on to explain "The Six Essential Elements of a Seriously Happy Marriage".

These six essential elements are the foundation of a solid and steadily growing marriage.  Each element is of prime importance and elevates a couple relationship into a higher emotional dimension.  Each of these elements is dealt with in its own chapter, with sub-headings to help guide you step by step towards a stronger and fuller relationship.

Married and Loving It! goes on to examine a series of perfectly natural occurrences in any relationship that may seem to be unsettling your marriage, but are in fact just normal relationship processes that need to be assimilated and accepted.

The chapter entitled "Myths that Murder Marriage" debunks 13 common marriage-related beliefs that, over the years, have attained folklore status and as such are widely believed by many people.  They are, however, untruthful statements that can inflict unnecessary damage on your marriage.

Children figure prominently in many marriages, so thereís a brief "Do and Donít" chapter for parenting couples.  This section offers ways to lessen the, at times, negative impact offspring have on a relationship, allowing both spouses to still enjoy a fulfilling marriage, as well as the joys of family life.

Married and Loving It! also outlines some basic "Doís" that are helpful to any couple wanting to achieve a highly successful partnership, and one big "Donít".

You can quote me!

The book is populated with quotes from some of the greatest minds of world, both present and past, to help illustrate and amplify the original content.  We give our sincere thanks for the memorable thoughts they have shared with the world.  We feel sure that they want us all to be sharing a wonderful life-long relationship with our true love.

A Slice of Heaven

To be married and loving it, is to achieve a slice of heaven on earth.  Even when the outside world is being cruel and harmful, there is always a safe haven to return to, and an endless supply of love to comfort you.  When you work on your marriage and find your marriage working for you, you have attained one of the greatest rewards that life has to offer.  Marriage can be more fun than anything else in life.  When you are married and loving it, you have reached a truly miraculous state of being.  A miracle that is available to everyone, including you.

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