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Married and Loving It!

How to Have a Seriously Happy Marriage


The Truth is In There

A marriage is a pact made between two individuals.  It is a profoundly binding contract well beyond its’ legal obligations.  It requires mature determination and compassion and understanding.  To achieve maximum success in this undertaking, it is vital that both parties grow their ability to nurture their own selves so that they can become all that they can be, separately and together.

This means consistent self-growth.

It also means accepting responsibility for everything you say or do.  And becoming aware of how you feel and think at any given moment in time.  After all, if you can’t be bothered taking care of yourself, no-one else will be able to love you as completely as you deserve.  To have total love you have to be totally yourself.  This task may seem impossible, with a life-time needed to fulfil its’ possibilities… but that is really the point.  Total achievement is obtained through commitment to being all you can be right here, right now.  Which means learn all you can, do your best and voila, there you are – becoming mature.

To become all you can be requires learning to love and nurture and trust yourself.  It is not particularly easy to do, but, if you want a great life, it is a necessity.

Love, Nurture and Trust Yourself

All of the following examples can make a real, and positive, difference to your life when practised daily:

  • When you decide to do something, make sure you do it.

  • Give yourself a daily healthy treat.

  • Listen to your own concerns and feelings.  In our hearts and with our gut feelings, we all know what is right for us.

  • Treat your thoughts with respect and learn how to make the most of them.

  • Say nice things to yourself.  When you repeatedly compliment yourself, you are literally creating new brain patterns that will eventually ensure you become whatever it is you keep telling yourself your are.  So compliment yourself as if you had already become the special you, you want to be.

  • Always tell yourself the truth, even when you’d rather not hear it.

  • Be the perfect friend to yourself.

  • Be the perfect parent to yourself.  Then your partner won’t get trapped into that role.

  • Be good to you.

It is only by loving yourself that you can fully love other people.  Especially your life partner.

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