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Quotes by Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham from the book,

Married and Loving It! 

How to Have a Seriously Happy Marriage

Love for each other literally energises both partners, making you stronger and more intensely vital.

Chapter: True Love   Pg:91

We are now the Power of One magnified by Infinite Love.

Chapter: The Power of Two  Pg:101

Kissing is very romantic, and a vastly under-rated activity for married folk.  Goodness knows why, considering how much fun it is, and how centering it is.

Chapter: Kissing   Pg:63

Having fun is a serious part of marriage.

Chapter: A Sense of Fun   Pg:29

As soon as you notice something positive about your partner, pass the information along to them.

Chapter: Praise and Compliments  Pg:37

Romance is thinking up ways to help your true love smile and relax in the love they feel for you.

Chapter: Romance  Pg:59

Being a great communicator makes you extremely attractive.

Chapter: Communication  Pg:33

The excellent listener is more consistently conscious of their own mind, so they tend to notice when their thoughts go wondering off without a moment’s notice, and have trained themselves to return their focus back to the moment at hand – a remarkably useful skill in all areas of life.

Chapter: Listening  Pg:43

Silence is an extremely eloquent part of couple communication.

Chapter: Silence  Pg:53

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