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The Good Stuff
Energy and Us
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length:  809 words

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Energy and Us

Our minds and bodies, and everything else we call "reality", are actually ever-moving, ever-spontaneous, interconnecting networks of energy, when viewed at the sub-atomic level.  These networks of energy are infinite.  They don't end at our skin or skull.  They don't end anywhere.

Our sub atomic structure doesn't cease to exist at any point, whether speaking geographically or metaphysically.  The sub-atomic, or quantum matter, that creates our body can not stop when it reaches our toes or fingers, or the end of our life.

Life is continuous and only changes in its phases,
owing to the state of consciousness or change in the vibratory rate of existence.
Edgar Casey

Modern physics exposed the quantum world to us.  We now know everything is in a constant state of change.  Translated into everyday speak; quantum energy can be described as the ultimate party animal.  It is always curious, always trying new adventures, always creating infinite forms, and possibilities, and realities, for the simple reason that it can.

I have an existential map; it has "you are here" written all over it.
Steven Wright

Quantum energy is such a complete party animal, it can even change its form (a neutron here, an electron there) to create something "different" that is still made up of the same energy.  It's sort of like getting the ultimate makeover!

Scientists see these chaotic possibilities as the chaos within the order, which creates the order within the chaos.  Which means that, although sub atomic particles;

  • are storing up energy while turning themselves into "new" particles,

  • are  expelling energy while turning themselves into "new" particles,

  • are turning into waves before turning back into particles,

  • are literally experiencing everything around them while in their wave form (think of the way a sound wave goes through everything),

  • can be split, and still maintain constant and intimate contact with each other, no matter where, or when, their partner "splits" to,

there still seems to be a reason for everything.  There is a deep sense of order and infinite purpose within the endless possibilities.

Science is not only compatible with spirituality;
it is a profound source of spirituality
Carl Sagan

Science has also discovered what the spiritual giants have been teaching us for millennia.  "With our thoughts we make the world" can now be translated into "Our consciousness is a dominant factor in creating experimental results".

For example, there was an experiment that split an atomic particle in a certain way, creating positive and negative mirror opposite emissions.  For the sake of easier understanding, let’s call these opposite emissions Bill and Betty Atom.

Bill and Betty Atom

Betty and Bill Atom lived together as one sub-atomic particle.  They were very happy together, always working out their differences and thinking they were forever together.

Then one dark day, they were split apart by an experiment.  They were forced away from each other, going separate ways with no physical connection what-so-ever.  Betty was even pushed past our concepts of time into the future!

Meanwhile the experimenters held Bill captive, and changed his form as well as measuring his parameters.  (Cruel perhaps,  but the scientists assure us that Bill felt nothing).

There was no apparent way for Betty to know what was being done to Bill.  There was no physical link between them any more, and no known way in "reality" for them to pass information to one another.

And yet Betty did know what occurred to her old partner, Bill.

Not only did Betty know, she knew instantly and changed her form and parameters to the correct opposite stance of the newly transformed Bill!

The experimenters trapped the banished Betty, and found her miraculously mirroring her newly changed ex-mate.  They had obviously maintained some sort of contact!

This outcome demonstrated a split particle continues to mirror itself regardless of separation by time or space.  Or, change Bill ... and Betty changes, change Betty ... and Bill will change. 
(Betty & Bill Atom - the graphic version)

"Reality" is the only word in the English language
that should always be used in quotes.

The Bill and Betty Atom experiment revealed split particles can race past our concepts of time and space, and anticipate the changes we have not yet made to their atomic particle partner, and adjust accordingly before we have introduced that change.  The sub atomic particles obey the directions of the experimenters while the experimenters are still only thinking about the directions.

This experiment is an amazing validation of the world's great philosophical minds.

Every person is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

With our thoughts we really do create our world.  Within the sub-atomic, or quantum, world, our consciousness rules supreme.

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
The Dhammapada


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