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The Good Stuff Menu featuring Anecdotes, Articles, Meditations, Multimedia, Poems, Quotes, Short Stories, Links

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Brilliant!  december 2007

Welcome to the December 2007 issue of "Brilliant!"  We hope you're well and happy and enjoying lots of parties and presents and not too busy, busy, busy.  For so many people this time of the year is filled with festivity and fun as family and friends are reunited in a variety of celebrations around the world.  Our wish for you is that you're one of those happy people and our wish for the world is that these few months of joy de vie will help make our global community a little more content and connected, living examples of peace, love and harmony.

We know for many people the holiday season and the major celebrations are actually times of sorrow and heartache.  Family and friends are supposed to play such important roles during this time, but if you don't have this love and support, it can be a very difficult few months.  

It's one of those basic facts of life that no matter how old we are, we all want to feel loved and accepted.  We know that love and acceptance should have initially come from our parents but, unfortunately for far too many of us, those  fundamental needs have never been met, leaving us feeling very empty - even more so during the holiday season.  It's a horrible way to feel and we don't want you or anyone you care about to feel that way so we've got a few ideas on how to deal with the situation.

First and foremost, at this time of year or any time really,  there's Bright Light Multimedia's recent audio release, "Parenting Myself" and "My Spiritual Home" This incredibly nurturing and mind expanding CD has been especially designed to help overcome those terrible feelings of emotional under-nourishment and low self-esteem.  Perhaps you know someone who, at this time, is struggling with these sorts of issues and would appreciate a gift of inner comfort that these guided visualisations can immediately bring.  If so, you have the choice of purchasing our CD version, or you can buy the digital downloads straight away, listening to them on your ipod or computer and burning them onto a CD, saving delivery costs and time. 
What a wonderful gift!

And don't forget all the other great CDs and books and downloads waiting for you at Bright Light Multimedia that are all packed full of ways to help you and your loved ones have a happier life. If you know of anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one during 2007, then I recommend "Letters to Michael" very, very highly. It's amazing the positive impact it has on people during this troubled time.

There is also, of course, the Bright Light Café cornucopia of uplifting entertainment, and if you haven't visited the fantastic Quotes area yet then do yourself a big favour and check it out.  It's jammed packed full with uplifting comments on "Dreams and Goals", "Expect the Best", "Fun", "People Say the Funniest Things" and so much more.

We're also giving away a
free download of a great visualisation to help you focus on where you want your life to go in the New Year.  Here it is -

Prepare for the Future  -  with our compliments! 

The start of the new year is a great time to sit and plan your goals and objectives for the coming twelve months and, often, the first thing we need to do is make a choice between different options and paths we really do want to follow.  The question is - which direction will be the best for us and how do we choose?

Bright Light has the answer!  It's really very simple - you just have to look into the future and watch what happens when you strive for each of the possible goals you set yourself  - and see if you like what happens!

But how do you do that?

You use our guided visualisation to take you there!  And we're giving it to you for free.  That's right - it's free!  To help you make the best choices for your life, we are offering a digital audio download of our very popular guided visualisation,
Future Choices, with our compliments.  This download normally costs $8.95, but until the end of December, we're making it available to you and all our "Brilliant!" friends at no charge whatsoever.  We want to see you achieve great success and happiness and this is our gift to help you connect with your higher consciousness for some inner guidance whenever you need to examine your future possibilities.

To claim your free download, simply click HERE to launch your email program, add your name to the subject line, and send the mail.  You will receive a reply email containing a link to the audio file's special download page.  The easy to follow instructions on the page will walk you through the simple process to download and save the file to your hard disk.

We know you’ll find this audio track a valuable resource whenever you need to assess your possible life options, so don't forget to pick up your complimentary download before the end of December.

2007 has been another busy year for the Bright Light Café.  The menu of positive and uplifting short stories, poems, articles, anecdotes, streaming audio performances and multimedia at The Bright Light Café grew by almost 100 new items, and we proudly introduced some wonderful new talents to our Bright Light online creative family. We think they're all fantastic!

This month, for your entertainment and enjoyment, there are five wonderful new short stories, seven new poems and two new multimedia pages
showcased at The Bright Light Café.  Enjoy!


What a wonderful way to round off the year - with a celebration of fine talent!  

Please join us in welcoming
Geoff Weilert, from the United States, 
and Norma Jean Kawak, from Australia,
into The Bright Light Café "Featured Talent" Hall of Fame.

This small, prestigious club of talent is a real cornucopia of creative skills.  Each member has proved their artistic ability over and over again, achieving at least eight showcased items at the Bright Light Café.  Congratulations Norma and Geoff, for your originality, writing ability and creative flair - extremely well done! 

Geoff Weilert blesses each of his poems with a smile, bringing a giggle and a sense of weird wonderment to his readers.  He was obviously brought up on a plentiful diet of Monty Python and other comedic geniuses because it shows with everything he writes, to our very great pleasure.

Norma Jean Kawak is blessed with English and Australian memories that she weaves into wonderful stories, articles and even an anecdote to share gently humorous and some deeply moving moments with us all.  Her easy style and her gentle heart ensures everything she writes is a very easy and enjoyable read.


Albert Einstein said that either everything is a miracle or nothing is - this photo sent to us by a loving friend seems to be a pictorial comment on that statement - it made our day, we hope it does the same for you.

Nature's Smile by an unknown photographer
Surrounded by a story, a meditation/visualisation, music and 3 poems

True Love is the stuff of fairytales and an everyday miracle that always astounds the fortunate recipients of its grace.

Sacred Love by B. A. Llewellyn
Surrounded by 4 stories and 2 poems of love

Advertisement ...

Parenting Myself / My Spiritual Home

In less than 30 minutes a day, you can learn to love yourself unconditionally.  Every day you will receive all the adoration and attention you desire.

Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home are positive visualisations that gently guide you to a sacred place and time where you can converse with the highest and truest aspects of yourself.

You now have the tools to
be the best person you can be.



Congratulations once again to  Geoff Weilert, from the United States, for becoming a Bright Light Café Featured Talent and for his wonderfully wacky sense of humour which he displays in all of his poems.  If you feel like a holiday giggle then find out what sort of snake can't frighten anyone, and how to rhyme words that simply won't rhyme, and why Geoff's wife will never shoot him!


This might sound rather crisp
But a snake with a lisp
Wouldn’t cause one to tremble and quake.
Read more ...

Terrible Rhymes

Sometimes when I try to find a good rhyme
With a word, for example, like purple,
I can rack my brain for hours on end
And come up with just maple syurple.

Read more ...

All The Wrong Stuff 

I was born a male
Which makes me a guy
I got an “X” from my mom
And from my dad got a “Y”.
Because of this fact,
It might sound quite sad,
No matter what I say or do
I make my wife mad.
Read more ...

Still hitting the funny bone is Dianne Foley, from Australia, with her latest poem, very relevant for this time of year, about the tension surrounding many families during any major holiday celebration.  Dianne manages to look at life's up and downs, with a delightfully wicked twist.  It's always good to be with the people you love, but one shared meal can, at times, feel like a very long time.

Christmas With The Family

We sat around the table
Like all the years before
The turkey looked delicious
There were vegetables galore
We passed the vegies clockwise,
Trying not to look too greedy
My brother didn't say much,
He was still a little seedy

Read more ...

Miaw Hui Ong, from Singapore, plays with words, conjuring phrases into wonderful mental images - simple yet profound - easy to read, fascinating to imagine.

Pen to Paper

The pen in hand
Signals from my brain they send
Those words all in my head
All strung together just like beads

Read More ...

Better Days

All that had been said
All that had been done
Some mishaps shot dead
By the trigger of my memory gun

Read More ...

The charming Alison Pearce, from Australia, who gives applause regularly to her fellow writers and artists at the Bright Light Café, once again graces us with her own creative skill in this gentle ode to the evening hours, bringing the peace of the sunset hours into our hearts.


Blue skies turn to crimson and gold
Washing shadows with a pale rose
Enveloping the land below in its hold
The hour of beauty and mystical repose
Read More ...

Short Stories

Please, join us in welcoming into the Bright Light Creative Family, an extraordinary romantic writer from the United Kingdom.  Paul Curtis has a true love relationship with words - they flow into the mind like music, bringing the world of his stories into vivid living colour.  Paul joins our creative family with a power packed three stories - do be warned though - their content is aimed towards adults and the last story, particularly, may be confrontational and upsetting for some people - but they are beautiful and ultimately uplifting tales and their joy and drama are enhanced by their close proximity to the holidays we are now enjoying.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Christmas Linda - Part 1 - Brief Encounter  (1,425 words)  

Snow spattered, unseen, against the steamy glass
As the train rattled out of the station
It was a fairly crowded train, but not full
With weary shoppers, shopping bags bursting
And commuting workers the weeks work done
Journeying homeward at the dark days end
A cheerful crowd though
Pleased with themselves bright faced and hearty 
Full of seasonal cheer anticipating the holiday
Read More ...

Christmas Linda - Part 2 - One Special Night  (2,927 words)  

I found myself stranded in a strange town
With less than a week to go before Christmas
Stranded two hundred miles from home
With a seriously ill car in the garage
And a lack of will to contemplate train travel
In truth I was in no hurry to return home
To the empty soulless house that once was home 
But now held no comfort for me

Read More ...

Christmas Linda - Part 3 - From Eve to Eve  (2,314 words)  

It was Christmas Eve and the house was decorated for the season
A large fresh cut tree stood in the corner and perfumed the room
Adorned by a myriad of assorted baubles and lights 
Christmas cards of all shapes and sizes adorned every surface
And more hung on bright red and green ribbons from the picture rails
Bright coloured Christmas garlands hung gaily criss-crossing the ceiling
While outside through a break in the dark clouds
A shaft of week winter sunlight shone through the window
Reflecting off the garlands and painting random patterns on the walls 
I sat watching TV in my favourite armchair in the front room
Of the house I shared with my wife and soul mate Linda
The woman I loved more than life itself

Read More ...

Norma Jean Kawak, from Australia, once again deserves our congratulations for attaining the prestigious status of Bright Light Café Featured Talent and for her two new gently humorous stories showcased at Café.  Norma shares her life experiences as a new wife, when her husband took her on a holiday to Lebanon to meet his family and then almost lost his darling bride into Beirut's transport system.  Hop, skip and a jump through time and Norma takes us to parenthood and the night before a wonderful day of celebration complete with secrets and fun.

The Day My Husband Ran the Four Minute Mile  (603 words) 

There I was in a foreign country alone aboard a crowded bus with no idea where I was going. I had no money and did not speak the language. 
We had been married two years and had a son approaching his first birthday when my husband decided he wanted his family in Lebanon to meet his Australian wife and child. 
Read More ...

Midnight Conspiracy   (354 words) 

The long black bag had lain hidden in the garage for the past two days. Tonight, under cover of darkness, we would drag it out and dispose of its contents. If everything went according to plan we would be finished by midnight. 
It had been more difficult to get away from the party then we had expected. We made the excuse that the children were tired and needed to get to bed. It was partly true. But tonight was a special night. After weeks of planning, our secret would finally be out.
Read More ...

Advertisement ...

"Letters to Michael"

Have you ever wondered 
what happens after we die?

Find out now in this insightful, inspiring and gently humorous adventure story of life, death, and what happens "over there".  

Prepare to laugh and cry and feel good all over as you come face to face with
 the power of love and 
profound and timeless
spiritual truths.


Well, here we are at the end of an old year, saying goodbye to moments that have shaped who we are at this present minute and who we will be in the future.  We're saying goodbye to precious times shared with loved people, animals and events that will remain important to us for the rest of our lives.  We're looking backward for awhile so in a short time we can look forward knowing what we want to keep forever and what we want to let go of forever.

With all the various celebrations and ceremonies we enjoy, and sometimes endure, around the world at this time of year, now is most definitely the time to lighten the load of our memories and prepare ourselves for the New Year ahead.  It is only natural for us to harvest our hearts for the best we can find.  We hope you have enough for a banquet.

Please look after yourself during this hectic and often emotional time.  And, I know it's out of left field but please, spare a thought of loving protection for our world's few surviving whales as those who do not understand try to kill this part of our beautiful world.  Know that we care for you and send our love your way every day. We hope 2008 brings new joy and new successes to you each day and night mixed with love-filled miracles that keep you smiling.

Our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 

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