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My Place of Tranquillity

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Deep Relaxation

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Breathing Deeply
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Breathing Deeply

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Making Decisions

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Future Choices

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Letters to Michael - a visionary novel The Afterlife
can be Heaven or Hell,
depending on your
point of view
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discover when
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Prepare to cry
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The Good Stuff Menu featuring Anecdotes, Articles, Meditations, Multimedia, Poems, Quotes, Short Stories, Links

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Brilliant!  july & august & september 2007

We hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones in excellent health and great happiness.  I realise it's been three months since our last communication and I must apologise for the length of time it's taken to get this newsletter out to you.  Unfortunately, we experienced a couple of personal tragedies recently which quite knocked the wind out of our sails and it has taken a while to get back to some sense of normality.

Firstly, our brother-in-law died suddenly in late June as a result of an event known as Aortic Dissection.  Leigh was a fit and health-conscious man of just 64 years, but a hereditary weakness brought about his completely unexpected and very tragic passing.  He was a very family-oriented man and my sister and their four adult children were devastated to lose such a loving husband and father.  Leigh's career in the Education sector included time as a Secondary School teacher, School Principal and then District Inspector and he was also a key figure in the Australian inventor community for over 30 years.  The Thanksgiving service held to celebrate his life was was attended by over 400 people who came from all over Australia to pay their respects.  It was a fitting demonstration of the high esteem in which Leigh was held by so many people.  He is missed.

Our second loss was that of our noble canine companion of nearly fourteen years - George.  George came to us as a three month old stray puppy and blessed our lives with his unconditional and abundant love, remarkable dignity and a gentle nature like no other animal we have ever had.  George was a beautiful, golden haired Corgi/Irish Wolfhound cross and the physical result of that remarkable blend was a long, low slung hound with an eventual susceptibility to back problems.  He fell victim to Degenerative Myelopathy - a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs.  This gradually took away his mobility over an 18 month period and finally an aggressive infection was just too much for his weakened body to cope with, and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep.  Anyone who has had to agonise over this decision will understand the immense difficulty and huge responsibility we all face when weighing up the options of life or death for a beloved animal companion, but at least we can relieve their suffering and help them cross over to a place where all their physical restrictions are gone and they can once again run free - as we know George is doing today.

Barbara and I would like to sincerely thank the many "Brilliant!" subscribers who contacted us during this downtime to enquire if we were OK and tell us that they were missing their monthly dose of positive, uplifting Bright Light entertainment.  We appreciate your concern and support.

These recent losses have focussed my attention on the realm of life after life and I am reminded of, and comforted by, the extraordinary healing experiences and deep spiritual awakenings that occur to members of the Morrison family in Barbara's wonderful visionary novel, "Letters to Michael".  Barbara uses the intimate knowledge she gained through several traumatic childhood NDEs (near death experiences) to show the remarkable journey our loved ones embark upon when they cross over.  Every time I re-read "Letters to Michael" it reminds me that we are never completely separated by death and our loved ones are always around us - if we want them to be.

Alumni News

Now, onto some happier, Bright Light news ... 

Last newsletter, I told you about one of our youngest Bright Light Café contributors, Australian, Taylor Dean, who was only 9 years old when her talents were first showcased with us.  Well, following on from her success at a recent National ice skating event, Taylor has done it again - this time at the 2007 Australian Figure Skating Championships, where she turned on a spectacular performance and skated to a brilliant second place.  Wow, this eleven year old is really going places and we send her our warm congratulations.

Taylor's other creative talents can be heard at the Café as she performs her fun poem called Kids, or plays her original piano piece called Drifting Memories and she also performs two other pieces - the fun poem The Lost Wallet by Joan Ridley and Barbara Llewellyn's humorous ode to dental challenges, Teeth.

Another Bright Light alumni making news is US contributor, Michael Lee Johnson, who has just self-published his first chapbook of poems titled "The Lost American: A Tender Touch & A Shade Of Blue" and a full paper back of poetry, "The Lost American II:  From Exile to Freedom", and is soon to release a second book of poetry.  Congratulations, Michael - we wish you great success.  Michael currently has six excellent examples of his poetic talents on display at the Café -
A Poem of the Night, Captured Shell CraniumEclipse of Thought, Flight of the Eagle, Michelangelo: Painter and Poet, and She

This month The Bright Light Café has another wonderful selection of new entertainment for you to savour.  There are 3 great new poems, 3 short stories, and 4 excellent new audio performances.

And here is the Creative Director of Bright Light Multimedia, the beautiful and talented Barbara Llewellyn, to introduce these new pieces.  Enjoy!


Time for a touch of inspiration with a gentle "ahhh" moment, and then just have a good old fashioned laugh at the absurdities of the human condition ... and the English language.

Gorgeous  by Rebekah Lyell   (530 words) 

Ugly, she thought. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Standing in the mirror she did not like what she saw. Long crooked toes. Fat white thighs that wobbled when she breathed. A stomach that looked as though the only thing she ate was beer. Tiny little mole hills, no way they could sustain life she mused. Turkey skin arms. Big brown freckles splotched wherever they felt the need to congregate. Pasty white skin. Uneven lips.
Listen Now ...

Internet Love  by Dianne Foley

I'm 6'2" and handsome
Ask anyone who's met me
I'm rich and bored and happy
Come on line and get me

Listen Now ...

Nobody Wrote This  by Geoff Weilert 

When I was young, I was told to work hard,
And to make someone of my self,
Be the best, become a champ
And put trophies on my shelf.
So strive I did, through toil and tears,
To have my star shine above the rest.
But now I find, ‘twas all in vain,
Because, to be somebody, is not the best.

Listen Now ...

Seen and Not Heard  by Geoff Weilert  

Maybe, it’s just me
But doesn’t it sound quite absurd
To have letters in words
That are seen but not heard.

Listen Now ...

Advertisement ...

"Letters to Michael"

Have you ever wondered 
what happens after we die?

Find out now in this insightful, inspiring and gently humorous adventure story of life, death, and what happens "over there".  

Prepare to laugh and cry and feel good all over as you come face to face with
 the power of love and 
profound and timeless
spiritual truths.



Thank you in joining us in welcoming Dianne Foley, from Australia, into the Bright Light Creative Family.  Dianne has a wonderfully wicked sense of humour, that is sure to delight you.  Go have a look and a listen and give yourself a giggle.

Internet Love

I'm 6'2" and handsome
Ask anyone who's met me
I'm rich and bored and happy
Come on line and get me

Read more ...

The wonderful Carl Palmer, from the United States, brightens all our days with his warmth and gentle humour.  If you've ever wondered how to break into your own car or watched the antics of kittens, you'll be instantly feel warmed with positive revelations and memories as Carl shares how he has viewed these situations.

Making Allowance 

pleased with the brand new door lock knobs
chrome, smooth and tapered, anti-theft
no ridge to grasp with a coat hanger
I swung shut the door to my truck
with the keys dangling from the ignition

Read more ...

Calico Sentinel

the seedless dandelion tuft
arriving on nonexistent breeze
settles softly upon fluffy feline tail
observed by the one male kitten
in the family of four
who quickly pounces upon his prey

Read More ...

Short Stories

Nicole West, from Australia, always fills her stories with interesting people and situations.  Her latest tale has a strong sense of personal growth while, as always, being a good read, meeting people you quickly care about.  The main character certainly lives in beautiful part of the world.


More Than a View   (2,447 words)

I had two minutes to get to work on time. I opened the front door of my apartment to be greeted by the smiling face of my neighbour, Harry. Not noticing my harassed expression, Harry launched into a detailed story of his upset stomach, brought on by an Indian feast last night.
I smiled, mumbled responses and squeezed past him to the stairwell. Mrs Knightly, from three floors up, was on her way down the stairs. She was carrying a beach chair in one hand and a fluorescent green umbrella in the other, therefore consuming all space on either side.

Read More ...

Bright Lighter, Christine Tothill, hails from the UK, lives in Spain and is presently visiting the beautiful, sunny shores of Oz.  She has a marvellous ability to quiet the heart and dig into a deeper love with all her short stories.  Her latest tale might even bring a tear or two, but any tears will be cleansing and blessed with a universal understanding.

Remember?  (681 words) 

Do you remember getting dressed in front of an electric fire; when your legs burned and your skin went red and blotchy?
Do you remember waking in the morning, the windows frosted over – you blew on them and the frost would melt and you wrote my name in the mist?
Do remember when I toasted crumpets on a fork from the heat of the fire, spread marge over them and yours dripped over your school shirt and I had to rinse it? Do you remember? It was the first meal I made. My first time cooking for you.
Read More ...

Please, join us in welcoming Dion J. Crowe, from Australia, into the Bright Light creative family.  It's a real pleasure to have a talent so full of fun and brightness share his stories of the good people in the world.  Welcome, Dion, may there always be a scent of jasmine warming your days.

A Breath of Fresh Air  (1,708 words) 

So, what’s your name?"
"I’m sorry. What?"
"Your name. What is it?"
"Why do you want to know?"
"So I can introduce myself."
I blinked, confounded by this girl’s forthrightness.
"Peter. My name is Peter."
An enchanting young woman with a sparkle of life in her eyes and two braids in her hair offered her hand, "Nice to meet you, Peter. I’m Julie."
Read More ...

Advertisement ...

The Second Trigger

If you've ever felt someone's words or actions make you instantly angry, upset or frightened, you have experienced your emotional triggers being switched on.

Do you want other people to keep
"pushing your buttons"?
Or do you want to 
take back the power that is rightfully yours?

When you want to be in control of your own life, it's time for The Second Trigger and the Master Switch that will override all your negative responses.


Sometimes life stops us in our tracks, stranded in the middle of nowhere, while a torrential rain tears at our hearts.  It takes a while to realise that the rain is more than cold and hard and hurtful.  It takes a while, it seems like forever, but eventually a ray of sun shines through the clouds of our pain-filled thoughts and a delightful memory pops through.  It's only then we realise how clean our spirit is, how ready we are for a renewal of the journey that will eventually return us to the ones we thought were lost.  To everyone else on the journey, we hope our bright lights are making your days a little easier.  We hope pain's rain eases up a little every time you travel through our pages and products.  As always, you have our love, our positive thoughts and ...

Our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 

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