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The Good Stuff Menu featuring Anecdotes, Articles, Meditations, Multimedia, Poems, Quotes, Short Stories, Links

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Brilliant!  october/november 2007

We hope you and your loved ones are well and happy and that you had a brilliant September and October.  We have a bumper issue of "Brilliant!" this month, with lots of news and celebrations, a new product announcement and of course some wonderful new entertainment waiting for you at The Bright Light Café.

Firstly, Barbara and I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their messages of condolences and support after we spoke of our recent losses in the last newsletter.  We were truly touched by all the kind and caring words and also honoured by the way some of you spontaneously shared with us your own stories of losing family members, both human and animal.  It helped to hear from you and it reminded me once again, how we are all connected by so many shared experiences throughout our lives.  Thank you all.

Celebrating life and love

October brought two special events to the Llewellyn/Kirkham household - my birthday and our 29th wedding anniversary.  As is our tradition, we took both days off and spent them celebrating our blessed lives and our true love.

Barbara and I met in the mid '70s on an Australian television soapie called "The Box".  Although I knew of Barbara's highly successful acting career, I didn't know she also had a beautiful singing voice, until the cast of "The Box" was asked to appear on a charity Telethon for a Children's hospital.  We decided to sing a duet and chose the classic Everly Brothers love song, "Let It Be Me".  At our first rehearsal I was amazed to find that we shared the same vocal vibrato.  Having worked in vocal groups for many years, I knew it was extremely rare to find someone, other than a family member, whose voice vibrates at the same speed as your own and this remarkable experience set off an emotional vibration between us that bloomed into a romance and love affair that continues to this day.  We feel very blessed to have shared such a long and loving time together.

Over the years we have learned, through much research and our own experiences, how to create and maintain a successful relationship, which is why we wrote our book "Married and Loving It - how to have a seriously happy marriage".  We also found that there are a number of widely accepted myths that can destroy an otherwise healthy marriage, so we devoted an entire chapter in the book exposing those murderous myths.  In addition, we created a CD of Barbara and I reading the chapter, "Thirteen Myths that Murder Marriage", which discusses these falsehoods and how to avoid their negative impact.  These titles are also available as an ebook and audio download, and there is even a specially discounted electronic bundle available.

Celebrating great entertainment

Another milestone we're pleased to celebrate this month is the third anniversary of this newsletter.     We want to sincerely thank all our "Brilliant!" subscribers for your support and patronage over years.  Since we first began "Brilliant!", soon after launching our websites in 2004, both Bright Light Multimedia and The Bright Light Café have grown dramatically.

One of the main aims when we launched
The Bright Light Café was to provide a free entertainment website where new and emerging talent could present their most positive and uplifting creations on the global stage.  In the past 3 years we have received hundreds of submissions from writers and artists all over the world and today we are proud to showcase dozens of talented contributors who entertain the Bright Light audience with a wonderful range of short stories, poems, articles, anecdotes, music, art and photography.  The Café offers a menu of over 500 pages of positive and uplifting entertainment and information including:

The constant administration, evaluation, creative design and presentation of the ever evolving Bright Light Café website takes literally hundreds of hours a year and I would like to pay tribute to the amazing effort, care and attention that Barbara personally contributes to ensure The Café continues to deliver an exceptional level of quality entertainment.  It is one of Barbara's major life purposes to help make the world a happier and safer place through the power of positive words and actions and she is an inspiration to all who know and love her.  Thank you my love, you are, as always, spectacular.

Celebrating a powerful new healing tool

This month, we are also proud to announce the addition of an important new self improvement audio product to Bright Light Multimedia's ever-growing suite of entertaining, positive and life-affirming CDs, printed books, e-Books and digital downloads.  

"Parenting Myself" and "My Spiritual Home" are positive visualisations/meditations designed to help us overcome the feelings of emotional under-nourishment that unfortunately exist in many of us.  So often, a deep seated sense of feeling unloved and unlovable can be traced back to our childhoods and our parents.  Even though most of our parents did the best they could, it’s a rare person indeed who does not admit to coming from some form of dysfunctional family.  There is no way we can change our past – what has happened has already happened – but that does not mean we can never change who we are.  Thank goodness, we have the power to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.  Using these new guided visualisations,
carefully created and beautifully presented by Barbara, we can learn to become the perfect parents we never knew, living in the perfect, eternally nurturing environment for our emotional and spiritual growth.

We're very excited to be releasing this new audio program and we are sure it will be a valuable and welcome addition to many people's self growth tool kit.

This month The Bright Light Café has another wonderful selection of new entertainment for you to savour.  There are 8 great new poems, 4 short stories, and 3 excellent new audio performances plus an interesting new anecdote.

And here is the Creative Director of Bright Light Multimedia, the beautiful and talented Barbara Llewellyn, to introduce these new pieces.  Enjoy!


Planting flowers is not a new concept - but it is still a magical one, bringing joy and peace to all who are confronted by the bountiful beauty of nature.  A former Dr Who from the BBC series of the same name, was considered eccentric for planting flowers but it was a little miracle he shared, no matter what anyone thought - thank goodness!

Dr Who's Magic 

Tom Baker was the 4th actor to portray the eccentric and totally lovable Dr Who in the BBC series of the same name.   His characterisation of the famous Time-Lord was bigger than life and made him one of the most popular Dr Whos of all time.
As Dr Who, Tom is seen as a hero by many generations, but perhaps not so well known is his quiet generosity in real life, as illustrated in a delightful story told by Robert Llewellyn (Kryton in Red Dwarf).
Read more ...


Whether you feel like a refreshing laugh or a cleansing cry or just a moment to share the warm fuzzies - they're all waiting here and now to entertain you and brighten your day. 

Calico Sentinel  by Carl Palmer

the seedless dandelion tuft
arriving on nonexistent breeze
settles softly upon fluffy feline tail
observed by the one male kitten
in the family of four
who quickly pounces upon his prey

Read more ...

All The Wright Stuff  by Geoff Weilert

This is a tale of two brothers named Wright
Not the same Wrights that made the first flight.
The two that flew were definitely two others
So if you thought you were right, you had the wrong Wright Brothers.

Read more ...

Remember?  by Christine Tothill

Do you remember getting dressed in front of an electric fire; when your legs burned and your skin went red and blotchy?
Do you remember waking in the morning, the windows frosted over – you blew on them and the frost would melt and you wrote my name in the mist?
Do remember when I toasted crumpets on a fork from the heat of the fire, spread marge over them and yours dripped over your school shirt and I had to rinse it? Do you remember? It was the first meal I made. My first time cooking for you.
Read more ...

Advertisement ...

Parenting Myself / My Spiritual Home

In less than 30 minutes a day, you can learn to love yourself unconditionally.  Every day you will receive all the adoration and attention you desire.

Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home are positive visualisations that gently guide you to a sacred place and time where you can converse with the highest and truest aspects of yourself.

You now have the tools to
be the best person you can be.



Bright Light Featured Talent, Stephen Pray, from the United States, has a wonderful way of giving us vivid pictures of his ordinary, everyday life that come coated in individuality and drenched in love.  If you've given yourself the good fortune to read most of Steve's Bright Light Cafe poetry, you'll be very aware of his romantic streak - and his very obvious love of coffee. 

We are impressed and delighted that Steve is still finding the time and energy to write his poetical vignettes as he has been increasingly ill over the last couple of years and has recently been given a downright nasty prognosis by his doctors.  Please join with us in wishing Stephen a miraculous and complete recovery and sending our combined care and affection, covered in bright healing light. 


You’re always there for me,
even when you’re feeling down.
You’ve been my friend, my love
so many years, it seems like always.

Read more ...

Just Another Day

Rainy day, back to school ,
grandson on the bus.
Noisy goodbye, slam of the door,

Read more ...

Wake Up Call

Multi-stained coffee cup, empty,
but full of memorable mornings.
Days started with laughter, 

Read more ...

Carl Palmer is another favourite Bright Light Featured Talent, from the United States, with a warm, loving way with words.  It always feels good to read his poetry, even when those poems make you cry.  On a personal note, Carl's very special ode to his daughter's dog, "Her Fella", touched my husband and I deeply, bringing tearful comfort with the recent loss of our beautiful golden hound.  If you've ever been faced with the awful decision of helping your four-legged friend pass over, do yourself a favour and have a read.  (Then brighten up a bit by listening to "Rainbow Bridge").

Carl's most recent showcased items at the Bright Light Cafe will further brighten your day, bringing smiles to the face rather than tears.  Have you ever witnessed a situation that instantly pries open your memory, taking you back to an inconsequential, yet deeply meaningful moment in your childhood - I think we all have and Carl describes that experience so well.  Chances are also very high that you too, whether you're a parent, grandparent or child, have shared the not-so-wonderful yet oh-so-wonderful delights of rain soaked weekends dedicated to your school's sport and family love complete with all its highs and woes.

Senior Moment 

I just had a senior moment. 
I didn’t forget something 
I remembered something.
I just remembered how my mom
would see or hear something 
that would remind her 

Read more ...

Soft Ball Tournament

three different breakfasts for
the three grumpy grouches slowly
becoming two grandgirls and a papa
talking about the early game of
of the softball series forgetting to

Read more ...

The wonderfully humorous Geoff Weilert is also from the United State - what a marvellous trifecta of truly talented male writers!  Geoff has the ability to look at the mundane and turn it into the ultimately silly - reminding us all to take ourselves and life into the lightness of being.  Prepare to giggle with Geoff's latest poem (we've performed this one straight away to add to the enjoyment) and thank goodness for fun!

All The Wright Stuff

This is a tale of two brothers named Wright
Not the same Wrights that made the first flight.
The two that flew were definitely two others
So if you thought you were right, you had the wrong Wright Brothers.

Read more ...

Now, please, join us in warmly welcoming into the Bright Light Creative Family two very fine talents from two very different parts of the world who strangely enough have both focused on the intensity, joie de vie, vibrant sexuality and everyday drama of being young and forever gorgeous.  

Miaw Hui Ong is from Singapore, a truly dynamic city blending the cultures and colour of both East and West, creating a vibrant new generation, brimming with life.  Miaw Hui syphons some of this dynamic energy through her heart and creative energy into concise crisp statements that poetically capture the thrill of being joyously immersed in the Now!

Young and Restless

We dress to kill
We muck around
The youth we feel
The boys surround
Read more ...

Sharon Woodward is from another cosmopolitan playground - England and Europe - growing up in a forest of concrete and parking spaces, music and mild mayhem.  Her teenage years are now vibrant memories that she manages to convey with succinct passion, weaving just an edge of heartache amidst its ultimately uplifting lessons.

Sharon is an independent film/video maker, originally trained in documentary who is  currently creating a documentary with the same title as her showcased poem.  She also supports volunteers aged 16-25, with learning disabilities to use video and drama.

Thank You Skinhead Girl

Dandy Livingstone on my MP3 player, sing out to me "a message to you"
Once a bus journey obsessing of a Crombie coat, now concerned of a presentation 
DM boots replaced with a set of heels, a businesswoman in a business suit 
Thank you Skinhead Girl, you were such a pearl amongst a row of many
Looking after me in my dark teen years, supporting me through my many fears
Read more ...

Short Stories

Norma Jean Kawak, from Australia, writes fascinating articles and tales based on her true life experiences, populated by very human, almost touchable, people complete with their shades of grey as well brightly coloured personalities.  Her latest showcased story proves this point, bringing to life a more innocent time in the city of Sydney and some very dear friends.

Oh, Carol, I Am But A Fool  (2,990 words)

"Oh, Carol, I am But a Fool."  I still hear Neil Sedaka occasionally singing that song on the radio, a chord that never fails to delve deep into my memory reminding me of a story about love and courage, but mostly about human endurance in a society which seeks self righteousness from its benevolence. 
It all began many years ago when Brisbane was still struggling with its image of a being just a big country town. My sister, Barbara, and I left our home in Brisbane seeking the excitement of big city Sydney. With suitcases in hand and a head full of dreams we headed straight from Sydney Central railway station to the Salvation Army Hostel for Women in Paddington, a place we knew would provide us with the cheapest accommodation in Sydney. 
Read more ...

Dion J. Crowe, from Australia, is a wonderful romantic - excelling in enchanting the reader with feelings of magic and deep true love.  Dion is positive proof of a man's ability to reach into his soul and pave the pages with the wonder he finds there.  Ladies, and gentlemen, let your hearts flutter and fall gently into a sea of whimsy and warmth with this gentleman's latest creative works. 

The Letter  (672 words)

A refrigerator hums in the background. It’s my only companion. The lounge room is still, the bedrooms and kitchen, they too are still. Nothing moves but dust motes in stuffy air.
An empty house is a lonely house.
I stand and walk into the lounge. Above the fireplace are pictures of Judy and me – windows into past memories. They are Judy’s proof of life. 
Remember, Judy, photos taken that day in Queenstown, New Zealand, when we swished on skis down mountain slopes?

Read more ...

The Man of Straw  (1,564 words)

Alva stirred the pot as she gazed out of her kitchen window at the white surroundings, clear sky and frozen ground. Tall trees grew heavy with the weight of snow on their branches. Grey boulders had white caps. Tall grass that grew in summer was now buried under snow. The stream that tinkled over smooth pebbles was now iced over. Everything that once had life was now covered in a bleak colour. Alva couldn’t help but feel the same.
A hand made from straw placed itself upon Alva’s shoulder. Alva patted it as she turned to the man of straw.
"It’s okay, my love. I’m just thinking."

Read more ...

Please join us in giving Alison Pearce, from Australia, a warm welcome into the Bright Light Creative Family.  Alison is a mother of four who has won seven awards for her short stories and two for her poetry since a long term illness turned her away from teaching towards the writing she was obviously meant to do.  Besides being artistically talented, Alison is also a big hearted soul who has consistently sent uplifting applause to many of her new creative family's stories, poems and paintings.  Yeah for you, Alison.

A Formal Occasion  (786 words)

The dress was everything Sharon had ever dreamed of wearing for the occasion. A flowing, strapless gown of the deepest burgundy, it fit her perfectly, flattering her curves and accentuating her dark skin and eyes.
"I love it Mum!" she cried with delight as she twirled in front of the mirror.
"Oh now, be careful not to mess up your hair," Carrie smiled, hurrying over to carefully tuck back in a lock of mahogany hair that had escaped from her daughter’s elaborately piled curls.

Read more ...

Advertisement ...

"Letters to Michael"

Have you ever wondered 
what happens after we die?

Find out now in this insightful, inspiring and gently humorous adventure story of life, death, and what happens "over there".  

Prepare to laugh and cry and feel good all over as you come face to face with
 the power of love and 
profound and timeless
spiritual truths.


There are days that are brighter than others but every day has some beauty in it - a lesson I learn over and over again.  After a time of grief and darkness I am remembering, yet again, how miraculous it is to be grateful for that beauty, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem.  The most amazing thing happens when we acknowledge gratitude for the good things in life.  It brings more and more good things to be grateful for.  Seeing a golden, bright light of thanks given, the energy of joy is attracted and comes to share time with its sibling, ensuring that our heart attracts even more light and laughter.  Thank you once again to everyone who sent their love and compassion to us.  I promise to get around to replying to everyone.

It's so good to belong to a family of Bright Lights such as yourself - you bring joy into our hearts and hopefully we bring joy into your heart.  It is certainly our intent to help you find that light in your every day - seeing, hearing and reading something fun, uplifting and love-filled so you are daily centred in fun, inspiration and love - that is our wish for you.  We want you to have the happiest life possible, blessed with good times and good friends.  We want the Bright Light of happiness and joy to be your true home.  We send you our love, a big hug and -

Our warmest regards,

Barbara Llewellyn & Rod Kirkham 

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