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The Good Stuff
by B. A. Llewellyn
Length: 1,810 words

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What is Karma?

Karma is the experiences we manifest in our lives through our previous thoughts, words and actions.

How does it work?

We are all in the process of creating our own life.  Each and everyone is a magical being capable of literally “making up” who and what we want to be.  Everything we think, say and do has a powerful impact on this creation.  It is our thoughts, words and actions that have brought us to the situations we are now experiencing.  It is our thoughts, words and actions that will continue to create the remainder of our lives.

We are all, at our most basic, beings of energy.  This is a scientific fact.  Our energy is a moving metamorphism, exampled by our bodies rebuilding themselves, at a molecular level, every year.  We are in constant miracle mode.  We are literally flowing with eternally changing energy.

Healthy, wealthy and going with the flow

When we are healthy in mind, body and spirit, our energy flows with ease, accepting this constant interchange of energy without falter.  Our positive thoughts, words and deeds create strong, positive vibrational waves, cleansing and replenishing us.

When we are not healthy in mind, body and spirit, we are creating and experiencing our own sluggish energy.  Our negative thoughts, words and deeds manifest as weak, slow vibrational energy, attracting more of the same energy to us.

Racing through life

Imagine we’re in a marathon.  We begin at the starting line … and now we’re off.  We all move at our own pace.  Each of us is in complete control of our running style and our individual potential.  We know whether our personal physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy is high or low, and we adjust our abilities to fit with this information.  Our known energy levels will therefore dictate where we place ourselves in the marathon.  Our desire to maintain our familiar energy level will ensure we stay in the same position ... and, at whatever rate we pace ourselves, we will find other people pacing themselves at the same rate.

Our individual energy level has determined our attainment and our company.

It’s a personal choice

This doesn’t mean we have to, literally or metaphorically, start running as fast as we can.  It doesn’t matter where we are in the race as long as we want to be where we are.  We will still reach the finish line.  You or I may want to run this race without putting much effort into it, preferring a leisurely rate of progress, meeting a variety of people with similar attitudes running near by, or we may want to be up with the leaders where there’s more space around and more chance of achievement, or we may be somewhere in-between.

But if you or I are unhappy with our present position then we need to pick up our energy level to the place that feels right for us.

The energy creating us is also in a marathon … an eternal marathon of movement.  The way we pace our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy determines our running partners and our experiences.  Like hangs out with like.  We run with the people and situations with similar energy levels to our own energy level.  It we’re unhappy with our life then we need to pick up our energy level to the pace that feels right for us, where we will attract the people and situations similar to our newly heightened energy level.

Cultural Conditioning

Stress and society taught us to hold onto our emotions.  Stress and society taught us to breathe in a shallow and restricted manner.  Our cultural conditioning insisted we accept negative thoughts as “logical”, and bend our dreams to suit the dreams of others.  Now imagine each of these self-defeating lessons relating back to our marathon.  It doesn’t sound productive or fun, does it?  If we held back our passion to win, restricted our intake of breath, told ourselves that being in the stupid race was pointless and there was no way we could win, then ran faster or slower than we wanted to, because someone else wanted us to lose or win, then all enjoyment of the marathon would be lost.  It is the same with life.

So what’s this got to do with karma?

Karma is directly related to our personal flow of energy.  Karma is the results we create and experience from the flow, or blockage, or distortion, of our energy.  Karma is not retribution.  It is merely the natural outcome of the way we use our individual energy through our thoughts, words and deeds.

If we have slowed our energy into a sludge of negative thoughts, words and deeds then we will attract other sludgy energies because we all vibrate, or run at a similar pace.  This accumulation of “slow” energy will result in unfortunate experiences and ill health and a general state of “joylessness”.  We have created negative karmic feedback for ourselves.

If we are keeping our energy buoyant then we will attract a similar energy to our own because we are vibrating, or running at a similar pace.  This free-flowing energy will wash away our problems as they occur because we are vibrating, or running with an endless flow of positive possibilities.  We are creating positive karmic feedback for ourselves.

Karma is fair

Some people complain that karma is unfair, harming good people and letting bad people get away with evil.  This is a limited observation.  We are all in control of own karma.  Negative thoughts, words and actions do not mean evil thoughts, words and actions.  We are all guilty of occasional self-pity, anger, bitterness, misery, depression, arrogance, and the list goes on.  If we made these negative thoughts and feelings, and the words and actions they engendered, our main focus then we would be slowing down our energy, and creating more reasons to experience the impact of mutually slow energy.

Imagine water pipes … they allow water to run through them easily and freely, but if debris builds up in these pipes then the water will not flow as freely.  This is the equivalent to the million and one worries we allow to clutter our lives, placing debris in our life path, or pipe.

Personal Blocks

Many people have traumatic occurrences during their childhood and adulthood.  These experiences can be so traumatic that the victim will disassociate from the experience and block or diminish the memory.  This denial results in clogged energy.

Going back to the water pipes analogy …  if the pipe has a sudden intake of rubbish, it will become clogged near the point of intake.  Water will have difficulty seeping around and through this obstruction.  It is the same with the human condition.  Intense stress can clog the flow of energy, forcing it to move slowly through the obstruction or obstructions.  Our energy is also polluted by the retained traumatic experience as easily as water would be polluted by an unhealthy obstruction.

All obstruction, all debris, must be cleared before human energy, or water, can flow freely and cleanly.

Cleaning away these obstructions takes time and effort and courage but, if we want to have the best possible life with our energy flowing towards all the wonderful experiences we are meant to be having, it has to be done.

How can bad people win?

We may witness people using their lives to accumulate power and/or wealth by what ever means they can … and being very successful in their focused endeavours.  This is an area where people become confused by the concept of karma.  How can harmful deeds have positive effects?  Why does the corrupt politician, for example, have immense wealth and control by misusing the trust placed in him?

Our corrupt politician has focused on what he wants from life, and it is not love and peace and honour but power and wealth.  He has built the life he desired, in the same way we all build our own lives.  He has imagined himself being all-powerful and he didn’t care whom he had to associate with to obtain this image.  He is unaware of the way he is damaging his own energy flow.  He is only aware that all the wealth and power he has amassed is still not easing the pain in his heart nor eradicating the nasty thoughts in his mind, nor making people love him. Mr Corrupt Politician attracts negative situations and people into his life because his own energy is negative.  He may appear to be happy but appearances easily belie the internal experience of each human being.

Wealthy with Life or Rich with Money

 If the most important desire in our life was to be financially rich and we focused all our thoughts and dreams and actions towards this outcome, it is highly likely that we would achieve our objective.  Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy would be vibrating at a high level in this area because of our determination and faith in our goal setting.  But this is only one area of our life.  The success of our entire lives needs a balanced perspective, giving us each good fortune in all areas.  The rich man is not necessarily a happy man.  He might be downright miserable, living in his own comfortable hell.  It all depends on the thoughts, words and deeds he used to bring his financial wealth into existence.

We all have the capacity to be completely aware of the way we create our personal world but most of us unconsciously create a world we don’t really want, because we are focusing our thoughts, words and actions on creating unwanted life experiences.

It’s all up to us …

Consistently thinking how unfair life is or how unhappy we are, consistently sharing conversations filled with negative words and attitudes, consistently actioning the urgent rather than the important pushes our karma in front of us and we keep walking into it.  The bad news is that each and every one of us is responsible for the way we live our own lives.  If we have made our karmic bed badly, it’s bound to be uncomfortable.

The good news is also that each and every one of us is responsible for the way we live our own lives.  Karma flows along with our energy and, because we can change our thoughts, words and deeds any time we want to, we can also change our karma.  Focusing on our true desires, giving our best in all areas, being aware of everything we do, think and say and adjusting our thoughts, words and actions as needed, cleanses our energy and stimulates its vibration to a higher level.  We will make miracles happen as a matter of course when we do this.  We are all meant to be miracle workers.  It is our karma.

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