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Show Business Memories

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Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love.

- Speaking of Love -
positive and uplifting
short stories and poems about
Romance, Marriage and True Love.

If you're in love with love,
then join the club -
everyone who wants a brighter day and a brighter world belongs to the exact same club
and we're all looking for ways to make our hearts sing and our eyes shine.

LUCKY for us,
Speaking of Love
manages to do both.
Give yourself or
someone you care about
a real treat and read
Speaking of Love
You deserve it.
You deserve to feel wonderful.
You deserve
to feel wonderful right now.

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Barbara Llewellyn BDA (NIDA)

Barbara Llewellyn

Showbiz Childhood


7 Little Australians



Young Ramsay



The Box



Class of '74



Barbara can be heard now at 
The Bright Light Caf

Bright Light Products featuring 
Barbara Llewellyn:

Deep Relaxation and My Place of Tranquillity written and performed by Barbara Llewellyn

Your Place of Tranquillity is waiting for you.
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Click "Play" to listen to Barbara's soothing voice.


Breathing Deeply CD - created & performed by Barbara Llewellyn

Breathing Deeply
is  the natural way to consistent
good  health
and happiness.

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Making Decisions & Future Choices CD - written & performed by Barbara Llewellyn

Explore the potential outcomes of your choices and decisions with the assistance and protection of your Higher Consciousness.

More information

Click "Play" to hear a short audio sample of Barbara gently guiding you through this visualisation.


Barbara Llewellyn - "Young Ramsay"

Julie Lambert    Julie and Peter    Positive Chemistry    Julie and Dad    Good Mates

Julie Lambert
Julie Lambert (Barbara Llewellyn) was a vet's daughter and a vet's nurse.

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Julie Lambert and Peter Ramsay
Peter Ramsay (John Hargreaves), Julie Lambert (Barbara Llewellyn) 
and Ray Turner (Serge Lazareff) created the magical chemistry of close and true friends.

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Barbara, Shaggy Dog, & John Hargreaves

The Shaggy Dog was the animal lead in the debut episode of the hit family TV series "Young Ramsay".

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Julie and her Dad
Julie Lambert (Barbara Llewellyn) with her father, Jack Lambert (Vic Gordon)

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Good Mates
Peter Ramsay (John Hargreaves) & Julie Lambert (Barbara Llewellyn)
John Hargreaves died in 1996.  We miss you, John.

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