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Presenting the Bright Light Family of Talent


   Rod Kirkham        Barbara Llewellyn

Taylor Dean        Denise Marshall        Ray Malus        Sky        Stephen Pray

Taylor Dean 

Taylor is a multi-talented Australian who first started contributing to the Bright Light Cafe when she was only 9 years old. She is now a beautiful 13 year old, who has travelled much of the world with her first creative love - ice skating. Her driving goal is to win gold at the Winter Olympics in 2014. Give yourself a treat and visit Taylor's website to see her winning style on the ice - www.taylordean.com.au

Taylor also loves to draw and write and compose music on the piano. 

Listen to Taylor's Performances:

Kids        Teeth        The Lost Wallet

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Rod Kirkham  

Rod Kirkham started in show business at the tender of age of 10, appearing every week on the television show "Brian and The Swallows", then on national TV in "Young Talent Time".  Rod became a national sweetheart and after leaving the show when he turned 17, hosted his own children's afternoon show.  He made several records and toured Australia with his beautiful voice, later moving to Los Angels for a couple of years to further pursue his career.  Rod has also been acting all his life, starting with his performance of "Oliver" in the musical of the same name.

Listen to Rod's Performances:


Gary Larson's Angels


A Woman's Beauty
Color My World 
The Australian Open 
Tuesday Morning Mondayitis 

Short Stories:

My Coquettes Suzettes

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Sky Kirkham

Sky is a deep, melodious voiced performer as well as a writer of music reviews and an exciting new composer of experimental music, which beautifully compliments words and art. 

He was born in May, 1981, is 6ft 7" tall, and lives in Queensland, Australia. He is the keyboards player in the Progressive Metal band, "Mythology", and has worked as a DJ on Brisbane's community radio, Triple Z.

Listen to Sky's Performances:


Her Fella                         Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent
Not This October                 Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Short Stories

  The Opportunist             Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

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Ray Malus  

Ray is a retired Variety Entertainer, Actor, Musician, Composer, University Lecturer, and Computer Programmer. He lives in Southern California (U.S.A), where he still pursues most of these interests — but for far less money. He has had several full-length plays produced, as well as several Chancel Dramas.

He was named "California Sr. Poet Laureate" for 2010 by The Amy Kitchener Foundation.

His website is http://raymalus.com.

Listen to Ray's Performances:


Pegasus                          Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Pet-antic                        Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Winter Winds                 Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Woman!                          Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent


Denise Marshall

Denise is a Featured Talent at The Bright Light Cafe.  She is a writer as well as a performance artist.  Read her biography and list of works by clicking her name.

Listen to Denise's Performances:


Why Do Fools Fall in Love on Television
Sweet Sound of Laughter in Your Smile
Spring Summer Midnight Collage
Cultured Pearls
The Bloom of a Single Rose
Growing Closer
Early Morn
Moonbeam Love

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