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Let Your Talent Shine!

Shine Your Light!
Poets, Writers,
Artists, Musicians

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Voice Over Artists, Actors/Actresses
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Letters to Michael - a visionary novel

A story of endless love and adventure

When Kate and Michael die
they quickly discover that
the Afterlife can be Heaven or Hell
depending on your point of view.

Prepare to cry and laugh out loud
and feel good all over.

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Deep Relaxation & My Place of Tranquillity CD

Conquer Stress
Deep Relaxation
and your own inner
Place of Tranquillity

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My Place of Tranquillity

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Deep Relaxation

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Breathing Deeply CD - your own personal coach

Breathing Deeply
is the natural and simple path to happiness.
Breathing Deeply

promotes confidence,
and good health.
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Making Decision & Future Choices CD

It's easy to
look into the future and
make the right decisions,
by accessing your own
Higher Consciousness.

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Making Decisions

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Future Choices

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If you want to live up to your potential then you need to learn to love reading now!

Learn to Love Reading
Start improving the life
of someone you love
 right now!
"The person who does not read
 has no advantage over
 the person who
can't read."
Do you know someone who
 really needs to
Learn to Love Reading?
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Parenting Myself & Unconditional Love - Love Starts Here

You can now have
the perfect parents
you've always wanted,
living in the
 eternally nurturing
environment for
your emotional and spiritual growth.

With Parenting Myself
and My Spiritual Home
to guide you, you will
always have quick
access to your most
nurturing and
inspirational aspects.
You now have the tools to be the best
person you can be.

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Self Esteem
and Confidence
with the flick of mental switch.

All of us are conditioned
to keep a series of
emotional triggers - 
which is why people and events can trigger
our emotional buttons.
The Second Trigger is
your own personal release
from all of these buttons.

Take back control of your life now!

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Married and Loving It! book for anyone wanting a seriously happy marriage.

Do you want a 
seriously happy marriage?
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Be enchanted by the power of True Love
 transporting you to romance and joy.
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Bright Light Café Poetry

Narrated Poems
(the following poems are all narrated)

Humorous     Uplifting     True Love     Contest Winners


A Dog Named Sex 

A Nice Cup of Tea  

All The Wright Stuff 

Be My Valentine 

Cheaper Than Therapy

Climate Change  

Christmas With The Family




I'm Not a Mad Mother

Internet Love 

It's Not the Money or the Way We Dress 



Middle Aged Seat

My New Friend 

New Liver

Nobody Wrote This


Seen And Not Heard

Something Like a Metaphor


Terrible Rhymes

The Australian Open

The Bully 

The Humble Full Stop

The Hungry Frog  

The Idea

The Lost Wallet

The Pub 

The Train  

There Is Something About a Cellist 


Today, Tomorrow, and Forget It

Tuesday Morning – Mondayitis


Why Do Fools Fall in Love on Television 

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A Child’s Gift

A Rose from the Concrete

A Successful Life 


Aim For The Stars


Beyond the Harvest 

Butterfly Angels

Butterfly Smiles

By the Sea 

Calico Sentinel



Cultured Pearls 


Early Morn


Flight Of The Eagle

Finger Chips for the Lonely Soul




I am

I Will Be

In the Dark

Inner Man

Let Love Breathe  


Mother and Child


Nature ... a Bliss

No Bird Song

Not This October





Sisters on the Shore


Sometimes ...


Spring Summer Midnight Collage

Still Waters 

The Defiance of Prometheus

The Pub

The Ring   

The Setting Sun 

The Storm 

The Storm of Love

The Surging Thoughts



Unicorn of Crystal Light

Vibrant Laughter 

Walking on Sunshine 

What Life Is

Winter Winds

Worldly Success

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True Love

A Child’s Gift

A Song for Sandy

A Woman's Beauty


Butterfly Smiles

Color My World




Gold Rush

Growing Closer

Her Fella

I Want You To Know

I Will Be

I Wish That I Could Catch Your Laugh 

In the Dark

Indian Bride

Island Pearl

Love’s Sonnet

Me ... You ... Timelessness

Moonbeam Love

Mother and Child

My Old Friend

Mystical Kiss

No More Monochrome


Paint Her in Words

Rain-Rain, Drop-Drop

Shining For You


Stare Into Deep

Sweet Sound of Laughter In Your Smile

The Bloom of a Single Rose

The Pub

The Room



When a handkerchief cries

Without A Word 


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  Winning Poems 

The following poems have won Bright Light Multimedia writing contests

A Child’s Gift by Valerie Williams
1st Prize - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

A Successful Life by Della Steen 
2nd Prize - "A Successful Life" Writing Competition

Butterfly Smiles  by Simone Busch 
Highly Commended Winner - "True Love" Writing Competition

Huntsman by Elizabeth Thomas
Highly Commended - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

I Wish That I Could Catch Your Laugh by Narissa Doumani  
Highly Commended - "A Successful Life" Writing Competition

In the Dark  by Larrisa Davisson Farrell 
1st Prize - "True Love" Writing Competition

Mother and Child  by Meenu Mehrotra 
3rd Prize - "True Love" Writing Competition

My Old Friend  by Janette Pieloor  
2nd Prize - "True Love" Writing Competition

Freckles by Stephen Pray
Highly Commended - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

The Australian Open by Neva Chan-Algie
Highly Commended - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

The Lost Wallet by Joan Ridley
2nd Prize - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

Tuesday Morning – Mondayitis by Matt Bennetts
3rd Prize - The Fun, Happy Poetry Competition

Worldly Success by Nicole West
Highly Commended - "A Successful Life" Writing Competition

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